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other reason why i shouldnt give to salvation army?

well im very against the salvation army for being anti gay and lobbying against same sex unions in many countrys has some details on the subject. my view is well everyone has the right to their point of view my donations for those who need it should go to well those who need it and not aide court battles and lobbying of their views.

anyways being the type of guy i am i like more fuel for the fire does anyone else now other awful things about the salvation army that i can use when i being harrassed at the door by the hell ringers i mean bell ringers.

sites to back up points would be much abb.


to Dusty Scribe Mourns for Debra: if their using their own money they can do what they want but they dont use their own money they use the money people donate who think its going to help the NEEDY where i bet a good portion of it is going their advocating of a biblical point of view.

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    1 decade ago
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    The Salvation Army is a church. Has been for centuries. Why wouldn't they want to advocate a biblical point of view?

    EDIT: Jack N, the bulk of the Salvation Army's donations do go to those in need. It was listed as the most efficient non-profit in the United States. Only 18% of its revenues go to costs other than their mission. (The 18% includes overhead such as maintenance, salaries, etc.) The other 82% goes directly to their missions. No other non-profit comes close to matching that. And they don't discriminate against gays (or anyone else) when it comes to helping those in need.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    uh... it IS a Christian, Bible-based charity...

    ummmm the Bible does have something to say about avoiding homosexuality..

    If you do not want to donate to them- simply DON'T.

    Quit whining and just give the Red Cross or something.

    And don't complain about the few times they have the buckets and bell ringers out.

    How many times did I have to put up with OFFICE peer pressure about giving to the United Way charity???

    There have been scandals in United Way, too!

    So, should I whine and complain when they want us all to give at the office? And use peer pressure to have you give, lest your co-workers think you are "uncharitable?"

    You don't like a charity- simple- don't give.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They have a rich history of printing hate literature. From anti mixed race marriages back in the day to now anti gay literature. I wouldn't give them a penny. However there are so many worthwhile charities to give money to, who are not religious in their stance.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They discriminate.They won't give aid to people that they think aren't Christian, and they refuse to help certain Christians in the US who need it. The monetary donations they take goes to publish their hate literature, which is why I nor my devout Christian family will give them a dime.

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