How to control a horrible flea problem outside?

We moved into a house back in March that had been vacant for a year or more-there is no carpet in the house --every room has laminate flooring--we also do not have any pets. I noticed a couple of fleas on me inside the house about a month after we moved in--then it got really bad and we bombed the house, had an exterminator spray the inside, outside, and crawlspace under the house, bombed a second time, sprayed Seven Dust outside and sprinkled the Seven Dust powder around the walkway to the door and they are back!!! The only thing anyone can figure is that they are coming in from outside. There are a lot of trees in the yard very close to the house-therefore there are a lot of leaves on the ground. I wondered if they are in the soil because when I began to plant seeds - I noticed it appeared that someone had dumped compost around the bushes. I have no idea what else to do --but any advice would be appreciated!!


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Yes, they are in fact fleas, the exterminator confirmed it. The only animals I have seen close to the house are a lot of squirrels, birds, chipmunk, and a couple of stray cats. Since there are so many trees around the house- it is like a forest-with trees hovering over the house.

Update 2:

They are definitely fleas. I caught some off my socks and put them in a in jar with soapy water so it could be confirmed and identified as in fact, fleas.

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    I'd suggest an insect growth regulator spray inside the house (instead of just a quick knockdown spray like one of the pyrethroids) for long term control indoors, if it hasn't been done already (bug bombs, btw, don't work for spit.) Without long term controls indoors, I suspect you've got flea eggs hatching inside, and the meal du jour will be you. Look for something with Nylar (pyriproxifen) in it. Costs me about

    $25/yr for 1500 sq ft of coverage for just the Nylar. It can be used outside, also, but it's not long acting out there.

    Outside, I'd suggest beneficial nematodes if you will keep the soil dampish the rest of the growing season.

    Like Mike, I'm a bit suspicious that these current critters aren't fleas. Some of the spray and pray guys are a little wobbly on their ids. Call your local extension service to see if they can ID for you. Or capture a couple with scotch tape and see if a veterinarian is willing to ID for you.

    Source(s): old biologist
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    you're study is real - flea collars are thoroughly pointless, and Hartz is unquestionably a terrible product. no longer basically does it no longer artwork nicely notwithstanding it has brought about many undesirable reactions in cats - in basic terms between the various flea products that extremely should not be on the marketplace. you will possibly desire to get a suitable flea scientific care out of your vet. have you ever heard of Frontline, earnings or Revolution? those are the large 3 flea products - all of them rather artwork! i'm afraid you could no longer place self belief in any product from a save to artwork, have self belief it or no longer. shops are not authorized to sell the suitable drugs, so that they only have regularly used pesticides of their products, maximum of that are very beside the point. tell your mum those issues so she is going to a vets for some proper scientific care. The spot-on remedies i've got defined above could be used on animals from 8 weeks of age. you will additionally might desire to purchase a house spray - needed to handle the atmosphere besides, as while an animal has fleas, the eggs are dropping off and hatching on your place. Flea combs are basically to discover the presence of fleas and to get rid of ineffective fleas. The wipes are actually not possibly useful, and should no longer be used 2 days earlier or after using Frontline as they might wipe off the exterior's organic oils mandatory for the Frontline to artwork. Chalice

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    This doesn't sound right. Have the bugs been properly identified as fleas, maybe by your exterminator?

    Fleas cannot breed and increase in numbers without an animal host.

    Do you have birds nesting? Birds can have fleas and they can drop out of nests.

    Could wild animals come close by your house at night?

    I'm thinking these could possibly be springtails as these also jump. See the link:

    Also maybe thrips:

    Source(s): Graduate biologist: took pests and pest control option
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ortho Max and a pressure sprayer will do the job.

    Mix a cap full to a gallon of water and spray the entire lawn.

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    The 4 g' store.........get chemicals....and gas em!!!!!

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