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Urgent question about headshots!!?

A local radio personality has asked me to do his headshots.

I am very excited, but also VERY nervous. I am new at photography, and am by no means a professional. I do have a good quality camera, however. I am looking for a crash course in headshots! I have a few weeks. Does anyone know of any really good sites that have lots of headshots on them?

Thanks :)


thanks everyone, especially your last suggestion chris! LOL

how do i shoot in RAW? ... im fairly new to all this lol

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    Hey Lala

    Hedshots are easy and DON'T TAKE THEM HEAD ON. Make sure the subject has his head slightly turned left or right (take both pics) and looking at you, not the lens.

    Head shots are nice when the subject has his head stooping slightly, and lifting his eyes towards you.

    Don't forget that if he is a radio personality, shoot for his moods. Apic is worth a thousand words.

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    Get your camera onto their eye level.

    Cross light their face with a single light source, maybe window light. Use a reflector (white card) to soften the shadow cast by their nose etc.

    Keep lighting simple try to avoid flash (even diffused flash can be too hard)

    The banker shot is where you fill the frame with their face, if you can see their ears you're too far away.

    Shoot in Raw to keep your options open.

    Shoot in colour, but think in B&W.

    If you use B&W for the print, brush in a black vignette (Low Key) around the face, looks like a spotlight, they'll love that.

    Always ask them to look right into the lens, it communicates directly with the viewer.

    Never get the top of the head in the shot, it means that the camera is higher than they are and looks dominant.

    Take loads of pics.

    Try to get them doing their job (twiddling knobs or whatever they do).

    Practice all the above before the big day.

    Last suggestion, ignore all the above. LOL - Good Luck


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    If you really know how to use your camera and equipment then you are halfway there. Do you know what type of effect the model is going for? What type of makeup, if any, will he be wearing? Most of the actual photo taking is up to you and your style the rest is the quality of the camera. this website should help also has some good tips too.

  • 1 decade ago is a great website. I am a professional photographer and I go there to look at what others are doing in their forum sections. You can get a lot of good ideas for posing and props there. Good Luck!

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