Music Request?

Does anyone know where I can download some nice relaxing music for free? (perferably one that you can fall asleep to?)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    spiral and LEGAL

    the only one that is backed by the major recording labels

    you download all you want and they pay for the music through adds found on the pay nothing and it is LEGAL!! ..= ]

    here's the catch

    the music is drm to protect the artists so that means no ipod..unless you drm strip it which is sorta illegal but i fail to see why..the artists still get there money and you can put it on any device you want

    it works on anything except for zune and ipod..which is dumb considering that microsoft is the one who made the zune and the dumb and useless drm software..geniuses right?

    and you have to reregister ur account i think they give you up to 60 days

    Source(s): i love it = ] some artists might not be available though major downside is the drm
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  • 1 decade ago

    yea use torrents they are really good and to fall asleep try the flashbulb, or battles, or some instrumental bands... for torrents you need to download a torrent application like utorrent but it is relatively safe and easy

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