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feeling when you are dying?

hello, what's it feel like dying? is it like having really bad stomach ach? does it hurt when you are about to die? (not like car accident, like natural cause)

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    Well............that's kind of an odd question as I don't really know how you can find out how someone feels when they're dying..............since, they're dying! You can't ask them afterwards how it felt. You can watch whether they appear to be in pain...or if they look peaceful when they go. I've seen both. It depends on what you die of. Some deaths are painful....and some appear to be very peaceful. As in life...we're all different, even when we're leaving this world.

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    Um i feel no one really knows, because if you know what it feels like then you are dead. I hope this helps.

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    I'll be sure to tell you once I've died.

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