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dying situation?

when someone is about to die, some people die peacefully like going to sleep, but some people looks like they are in lots of pain or shaking really hard etc. why are some people die peacefully and some dont?

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    Just like every person is different, every death is different, like Kitties or doggies, they have a disease, or old age, or get hit by a car, they die accordingly. People have illnesses like Cancer, cancer is painful inside their bodies, just like if you have a cut on your hand, and you wince when you hit it on something, a person with Cancer is in continuous pain. If they're shaking really hard, that probably means they are in a lot of pain, and it just hurts so bad, that it takes everything out of them. If it's old age, what the body is doing, is shutting down, little by little, until all the organs and cells die off, then that person dies. Also, some people welcome the dying process, and some don't, maybe they're scared, maybe they're not ready to go and are fighting it. Those who "accept" that they are leaving this world, can leave peacefully. They know their time is soon, so they go to sleep, knowing it is the end and have accepted it. That's why it seems as if they die peacefully, because they have. There is a lot more to peoples dying than just dying. Their soul leaves their body and goes Home, leaving the "shell" behind. When our work here is done, we take all that we have learned, all the bonds we have made, all the memories, and the love of all those we loved and who loved us. We see when we leave, who mourns us and who doesn't. There is a lot of reading to be done on Life After Death, Sylvia Browne being one of the leading experts on the subject. You can check out some of her books at your public library. Life and death is a fascinating subject. Lots to be read on it. Hope I haven't scared you, with all of this. Take Care...Iylena

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