Theres this girl, see, and she likes me. We were friends, I kissed her, now I dont know where I stand ? Help??

Like I said, we were friends first... I found her amazing and beautiful but not attractive and she has/had this crush on me. After that night we kissed (its been a week and a bit now) we haven;t REEALLY talked about it... I just said I'm scared I'll lose a friend... Now I'm confused with were we stand... I don't feel I can ask her... It's like imposing and demanding an answer you know... I'm so confused and everyday I feel so fragile. Wondering what I can say, do, think... Can I hug her hello, hold her hand, kiss her goodbye...

Help me?

*prepares for stupid answers*

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  • Bet
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    1 decade ago
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    you know I literally had the same exact thing happen and we both then said we liked each other (after the kiss) but within a week it was just too weird and so we didnt do anything

    just tell her what you you want to be friends? or take things farther?

    HUG her everytime you see her and everytime you leave her (even if you arent going to date her)

    the rest of the stuff you need to wait and decided if it right for you

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