Do you love the Jonas Brothers? (I'm aiming for 30 answers)?

please, dont write big long paragraph about why you hate them. If you don't like them say no not realy or something!

17 days untill their album!!! yeya!

so... do you love them, like em, obsessed with them?

if you are obsessed, tell me how, 100 posters of them on your walls, are they ALL you listen to? Is the play count for them on iTUnes 400 above? tell me!

are you excited for J.O.N.A.S., or thei 3D movie? or a concert or w/e?

which is your favourite (mine is nick <3)

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    I don't love them or am obsessed with them. But I really like their music. I think they are all cute. Not hot, cute. ;) I went to their concert on July 14 where they filmed their 3D movie. It was amazing. So yeah, I really like the Jo Bros. :)

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    I love the jonas brothers.. they are amazingly hot,, but im not obbsessed i have a few songs on my i pod and a few posters on my wall.. i think i am gonna do to there concert im not sure yet. i cant wait for J.O.N.A.S i wonder when it is coming out??? hmmm :/ i like joe!!!<3

  • no not realy or something

    Okay, I don't have a problem with them; I'm just not a fan. I usually am so wrapped up in my own world I don't give a thought per day about celebrities.

  • dan
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    1 decade ago

    i hate them.

    edward cullen, on the other hand, is A-okay.

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    please dont make me think about them...ugh

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