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Do Germans and Israelis ever meet face to face in places like Afghanistan and Iraq?

where the common enemy for Nato is Al qaeda?


If so, do they trust each other?

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    Neither country has forces in AF or IZ.

    However, despite these claims that German forces don't leave Germany, in late 2006 Germany did send Naval forces to patrol off the coast of Lebanon to assist the UN in enforcing an arms embargo on Hezbollah. Israeli fighters reportedly came into contact with these ships in October 2006.

    As for the other answers: I don't know about all these Nazis dissapearing at the Wailing Wall, and last time I checked Turkey and Greece aren't exactly close to the Atlantic either.

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    The Israelis and Germans do not meet in Afghanistan or Iraq. They do, however, meet, in Israel because Germans generally do visit the holy land, especially places like Bethlehem and Jerusalem. 2,000 Germans with Nazi swastikas on their foreheads disappeared during the past three years near the wailing wall. The German gangs sent in other 500 Nazis to look for the 2,000 missing men and women and they were found in a camel feeding area.

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    Israel is not a member of the North Atlantic Council and the German military is barred by their constitution from foreign service. So the answer is no.

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    Both are not in Afghanistan nor in Iraq too.

    You will find third world countries in Iraq and Afghanistan whom the US paid to help them in these countries. Big bosses do not play any role in US policing in US made conflicts.

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    NATO = NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organization

    Last time I checked, Israel was not near the Atlantic.

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    Israel is not in NATO.

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