how is canada cultuarlly, politically and economically distinct from the united states?

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    Politically we are very different. For instance, in Canada I am considered a Conservative and I am an active member in the Conservative Party. In the States I am a liberal. Also, Canadians have a lot more trust for their government. We will let it run healthcare and aid us. We do not feel there is any sort of hidden government. As well our system has a built in defense mechanism called a non-confidence vote. If the ruling party is acting contrary to the goals of the people an election is called if a major bill is defeated. As well our PRime Minister is Member of Parliament (like the Senate in the States).

    Culturally, we are not even a democracy. We are a Constitutional Monarchy under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. We strongly believe in multiculturalism as opposed to a melting pot. We have two official languages English and French (24% of Canadians are bilingual fluently). We have a more inclusive relation with Aboriginals after years of turmoil.

    Economically the States has conquered us. However, the US is dependent on 45% of its oil from Canada. And because of NAFTA once we trade a certain amount of a good with the States we cannot cut back, we have to cut off Canadians. Moreover Canadians are less dependent on debt. When gas prices began to rise, while car sales dropped in the US they rose 7% in Canada as Canadians could afford to buy more fuel efficient cars.

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    a great lot that is the reason i moved to canada after bush was invited by his friends into the white house

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    Oooh, this is a classroom essay question if I ever heard one. Let me tell you this. Organize your essay like this:


    Cultural differences - holidays, celebrations, history, values, beliefs, traditions

    Political differences - Government

    Economic differences - money, trade, business

    Conclusion - sum it all up

    Good Luck!

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