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Whats your favourite Jimi hendrix album?

well i guess i mean "The JImi Hendrix Experience" favourite album, but out of are you experienced? axis bold as love, and electric ladyland, which is your favourite

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    The best Jimi Hendrix album has got to be thier first are you Experienced

    Be forewarned,used to be an Experience meant making you a bit older. This one makes you wilder. With the assistance of Mitch Mitchell [on drums] and Noel Redding {on bass] Jimi Hendrix breaks the world inot interesting fragments. Then reassembles it. You hear with new ears, after being Experienced. Those who've only seen him perform know only part of This Exxperience. They rave about a young man who plays a guitar in more positions than anybody before him. Now this debut album will put the heads of Hendrix's listeners into some novel positions. Be forewarned.

    That was written on the back of his first lp.


    SIDE 1 Purlpe Haze

    2 Manic Depression

    3Hey Joe

    4 Love Or Confusion

    5 May This Be Love

    6 I Don't Live Today

    SIDE 2 /

    1 The Wind Cries Mary

    2 Fire

    3 Third Stone From The Sun

    4 Foxey Lady

    5 Are You Experienced?

    Look at all their hits just on their first LP

    Show me an artist today than can or ever will do what they the Experienced have done.

    And that was when LSD was at it 's best. Oh! I miss them days.

    And all their and later Jimi's LPS will take you to were you never been before.

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    Song: 'If 6 was 9' LP: 'Electric Ladyland' or 'Rainbow Bridge' (it's a tie) To go into each album would fill an entire page for true Jimi fans. Favourite from each album??? I can't recall whether 'If 6 was 9' was on on what album. I do know that I have 76 LPs that Hendrix played on (stuff before The Experience and Band of Gypsys). Another 32 CDs. And another 7 DVDs. And, It's aaaaalllllll "majestic".....HAHA!!!! Jimi Hendrix is a GOD!!!

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    Axis: Bold as Love

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    Jimmy Hendrix Concerts Live - great album - wish I'd been there!!!

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    Im so sick of hendrix. He's so overrated and overplayed. Pete Townshend said it best when he said he plays "fairly well" nothing more, nothing less

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