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anybody know how to upload pictures onto facebook from ur phone? easy 10 pts?

i tried reading the explanation on the mobile app but it made NO sense to me. anybody willing to give me an idiot-proof step-by-step?

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    I was the same way as you when i first read their instructions,lol.

    So anyway this is an explanation of what to do:

    1.Make sure that you have confirmed facebook mobile on your phone,and that it works first.

    2.Go to where you send messages on your phone,and choose to send a Multimedia Text Message (charges may apply here,if not on your plan)

    3.Then attach the photo on that message

    4.Then send it to

    5.Then it should send it straight to your facebook profile,under "mobile uploads"

    That should do it,and your done.

    Hope this helped :D

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    1 decade ago

    why dont u just put them on ur computer fist then upload them to facebook?

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