Gamma Globulin is accociated with Passive or Active immunity?

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  • Jay M
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    1 decade ago
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    Gamma globulin vaccines are an example of passive immunity and are given to severely immunocompromised individuals, or as post-exposure prophylaxis following possible exposure to potentially lethal diseases such as rabies or hepatitis B.

    If you are making your own gamma globulins in response to a vaccination or infection, then you're talking about active immunity.

    The only difference between passive and active immunity in this case is whether you are making the Abs yourself or are getting them from someone else.

    Source(s): Merck Manual 17th ed., and personal experience
  • Dub
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    1 decade ago

    Active immunity. Gamma globulin is a bunch of IgG antibodies from the blood of other people. It is used in a broad sense in medicine though. As the many IgG molecules are used to attack whatever pathogen happens to be in th patients body

    Source(s): biologist
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