How do you START a relationship off right?

I am in a new relationship for the first time in 6 years. I'm not even sure what our status is. And I don't know how to ask. I'm scared of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, scaring the person off because I'm moving too fast/slow. What's the best way to start off?

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    Start by taking things slow. You don't have to say everything all at once. Do more listening than talking about yourself. Ask, ask, ask and then ask..Ask open end questions. Give him or her a chance to open up. Remember too that the way it starts off is going to set the tone for the relationship, so start off with James Brown and get on the "good foot"! :) Slow and easy, pace yourself and take one moment, and one day at a time. Listen, listen, listen - go in with your eyes wide open and with the attitude of "what can I bring to the relationship" rather than "what can I get". Good luck!

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    First of all congrats, I bet it feels good to be in a relationship after not being for so long. Don't be scared, just be you. Because if you are nervous about what to say and what not to say... is when you will say the silly things you don't want to say. You need to relax and just be you.

    If you don't know the status and you've been dating for a couple weeks it's okay you guys are still blossoming. If it's been a couple months, I would say something about your status. Ask him how he feels it's going. Don't be afraid to communicate! It's so healthy for a relationship. Some people are scared to say certain things because they are afraid of scaring that person away.. just think of it as you are communicating and in some cases saving yourself some time.

    To start off, the best relationships form around getting to know each other and creating a bond before any physical and sexual encounter. I'm not saying they all go that way, it's just the best way to "start". Build a foundation first.

    It tells me that your thinking to hard, the fact that you don't know if it's moving too fast or too slow. Because if your worried about something you did it would be something like, gosh.. we are moving WAY too fast. I'm concerned about our relationship. So.. I think everything is fine. Just communicate with him.

    Good luck!

    Okay.. that's rather annoying... person above is right here's her last post.....

    Is loneliness temporary after a breakup?

    We broke up last week officially after a year and I feel so empty. Loneliness is only temporary, right?

    UM>>>> why lie!!!!?????!!!!!! What's the purpose??

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    You start off by being friends and lettign it develop into something better. If you have been together for a little while (id say no less and 2 or three months) then you might bring up a conversation letting him know how you feel and that you like where this relationship is going and see if he feels the same way. But other than that just take your cues from him and let it go as far as you are comfortable.

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    The only way you can ever start a relationship off right is if your just being yourself and it happens to work out well.

    Never try and be something your not just to start a relationship off right because It just wont end up working out in the long run, because if he likes you for you then you wont scare him off if your just yourself.

    remember, JUST BE YOURSELF :]

    good luck!

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    U can start off by staying the way u are... he asked u into a relationship so that u guys could stay comfortable together... he didn't ask u just to be scared and insecure... dont worry he will stay the same if u stay the same and it will all just follow :]

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    1 decade ago

    But you just broke up with someone you were dating for a year?

    What's this first relationship in 6 years?

    Could it be

    ...B U L L S H I T?

    The best way to start off ANY relationship is with HONESTY.

    Thank you for calling and sharing ... and shall we take our next call please.

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    Well to start of slow you should try to find about the things he loves to do. Like if like to watch football watch it with him even if you don't like but be sweet. Try to know some important things about him. For example middle name if he got one, favorite color, favorite food. hope that help good luck!

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    I am just curious as to why you would wait 6 years to start a relationship to me that seems kind of odd.

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    Just be your honest, truthful self. Things have a way of working themselves out without any interceding and questions.

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    You should just continue being yourself and maybe wait a while until maybe the person tells you how they feel

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