New to TD Bank Direct Deposit?

So I'm new to this whole Direct Deposit business. I just recently started working at McDonalds, and they pay us via DD. I was told that I'd be able to get my hands on my paycheck as soon as 12:01 am the day I get paid. But it's not there. I dont know what could have happend. Ive heard that your first payment will come via cheque in the mail, and all other payments will be done with a DD into my cheqing account. Is this true? Or is my paycheque not being there the fault of McDonalds, or me? And if the cheque will come first by mail, shouldnt I be able to see a "pending payment" or something on my account when I use EasyWeb? Please help. I need as much information on DD as possible, it'd be reallly appreciated. Thanks :D

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    If you have no credit rating, the banks usually hold any money deposited for a certain amount of time. If you start to bounce checks, and do other things to ruin your credit, they will hold your deposits longer and longer. Go into the bank, and find out what their policy is, and why this policy has been applied to you. Find out what you need to do, or how long it will take to prove your credit worthiness to free up you paychecks.

    Source(s): Fantastic credit, no holds on our accounts.
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