I'm Going To Universal Studios and Island of Adventures Friday AND I HAVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!!!!

I'm 15, and I'm going with my mom to Universal Friday. I have been there since I was 8, and I live in Florida. Can you recommend your top 3 rides. Also, my mom is 50 and is a bit hesitant about going on some rides. Were going to Island of Adventures and Universal Studios.

Can you explain the Revenge of the Mummy Ride, and tell me how big the drop is. Also, can you tell me about the Twister Ride, and the Disaster Ride. Would all 3 of these rides be suited for her. She doesn't mind drops and some roller coasters, but doesn't like going upside down, and anything very rough, like she refuses to go on the Hulk. Also, can you tell me what rides wouldn't be suited for her?


Lol dude this isn't me, it's my mom. I'm riding the Hulk Alone for sure! But I want her to enjoy it just as much as I will! She thinks she's to old for some rides lol.

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    Twister isn't a ride at all, I guess it can be considered an 'experience'. You basically go in a room and stand to watch the show. An artificial twister consisting of water vapor appears in the room and it's rigged up to make it look like a lot of things are tearing up and flying around. I think they use a fan to make you feel the wind and near the end it looks as if the 'porch' roof you are standing under is about to collapse on you. Very tame.

    By 'Disaster Ride' I'm assuming that you might mean 'Earthquake'. In earthquake you board what looks like a subway car and are carried to a subway station, where you sit and 'experience' an earthquake, meaning that you don't move during the presentation. Of course, your car will go up and down since the tracks under you are being buckled by the quake, but again, very tame.

    Almost all of the rides in the Universal Studios park your mom will enjoy and find to be tame, with the Mummy being perhaps the most 'thrilling' ride. As for Islands of Adventure, if she does not want to go upside down then she will need to stay away from The Hulk and The Dueling Dragons. Then of course there is the ride that carries you way up in the air and drops you back down really fast (can't think of the name of it). These are the only three rides I can think of in the entire two parks that she might want to avoid. If she is comfortable with some hills in roller coasters, I think she should give the Mummy a try, it is not all that bad, more special effects than anything.

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    I think all those reasons your listing about your mother are really about you, and you're just using your mother to cover them up. Anyway, the Mummy ride is the best at Universal. the drop isn't too high, and isn't too small, which makes it perfect. it's dark so you don't expect it. Twister and Disaster, i'm afraid i know nothing about them. Please, please ride the hulk. i don't see any reason why your mother (if she really is going) can't stand aside while you ride on the hulk. if you don't ride it, you don't have the right to tell anyone you went to Universal. That's all i have to say, sir. Please ride the hulk.

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    Well then all those rides are perfect for her and you!!!

    but yea defintely ride the hulk , and BE SURE ride the dueling dragons

    in islands of adventure (the lost city) ride both rides Fire and Ice!!!

    oh yea men in black and simpsons ride are not bad at all but THE WAIT !!! Be mindfull of that !

    Good Luck and God Bless!

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    If you wana know about the mummy i will tell you because i had no idea it was like a mini roller coaster. wat u do is you take a lil tour of mummys and stuff just kinda like splash mt at disney. all of a sudden you hit a complete stop at a wall and creepy bugs start fluttering everywhere and you go shooting backwards. its a lot of fun and anyone cud take it. the hulk was not bad. i was afraid at first but its a lota fun. deuling dragons is more scary b/c of the drop and its faster. you can deff take on hulk. its not as fast as normal rcs idk why but it isnt but i will tell you its fun.

    hope i helped out. :)

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    try to push her in, most of the ride are moderately ok. unless ur putting ur head forward. the mummy is pretty fun. there a few drops and holy hell of acceleration , the twister is a live action, stunt like-a-show simulating a tornado and same thing as the disaster although is earthquake theme. All the ride are pretty ok, nothing fear of, u can alway sue them if something wrong happen lmao

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