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I don't want my 15 year old daughter who is a picky eater and can't cook to become a vegan. Am I being unfair?

Well my 15 year old daughter on a rather spur of the moment thing has decided that she wants to become a vegan. She is an EXTREMELY picky eater and she also cannot cook. I have tried to teach her to cook, but she is yet to have cooked anything successfully.

I try to explain to her that being a vegan means eating a lot of things like vegetables (because she only eats potatoes, carrots, and peas) but she will not listen. She seems to think that having such a small food repertoire is not a problem.

I don't want to seem like a mean and horrible parent who will not let their child do something they believe in, but she doesn't even care that much about animal rights. She just thinks being a vegan is cool. I do not have time on my hands to be preparing separate meals for her, particularly ones that have so many requirements, because she can't cook. I also think think that her being such a picky eater is a problem. She will also have to take lots of expensive dietary supplements.

Am I unfair not letting her become a vegan? I tried to compromise by saying I would consider letting her be a vegetarian, but she says no, it has to be vegan.

What should I do?

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    This is tricky. At the end of the day, you can't force feed your daughter, but it sounds as though she doesn't have a good grasp of nutrition and you obviously don't want her to get sick. You don't need to take a ton of vitamins if you're a vegan, but you do have to monitor your diet carefully to make sure you are getting everything you need. It's not a decision to make lightly.

    I think you need to sit down with your daughter and lay out some rules. Tell her there's nothing wrong with being vegan, but she can't exist on a starch and two vegetables. Explain to her the importance of obtaining proper nutrients, especially now while she's still growing. If she has just made this decision, she may not realize how many foods are off limits -- including staples such as bread.

    Discuss what you're willing to do to support her lifestyle change. You aren't willing to cook a seperate meal for her, but are you willing to pick up vegan burgers she can make herself? Are you willing to let her raid the fridge to make salads with produce you already bought? Tell her you are not willing to make separate meals for her, but you will help her prepare her own meals. Maybe you can help her find vegan recipes online or in cookbooks you already own or at the library. Discuss to what extent you will fund her veganism and how much she will have to pay for it. For what it's worth, items such as beans, rice and nuts are vegan and run pretty cheap.

    Don't worry about her seeming inability to cook. I had no interest in cooking and was lousy at it the first time I tried under my mother's guidance. When I moved out and no one was there to cook for me, I learned really fast. :-)

    The worst-scenario is your daughter shrugs off your concerns and doesn't monitor her diet the way she should. She'll either suffer health problems or get so darn hungry she quits veganism. On the other hand, she may pull it off and continue this choice forever. Do your best to help her, but make sure she realizes that if she rejects what you serve your family, she's on her own.

    Source(s): My boyfriend used to be vegan. Now he's vegetarian and I cook lots of vegetarian meals. He also has a vegan cookbook and I have cooked from that, too. There's lots of variety in there!
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    Being Vegan and caring about animal rights is kind of a fad right now. There are, however, people who are concerned about animals and become vegan out of moral obligation. It takes a lot more work then just cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet. If your daughter is committed to making a difference to how animals are treated, then she will most likely continue attempting becoming vegan. But if she's doing it just because it's popular she will probably let it go after a while. Until then you can always buy frozen vegan meals for her to cook herself. Morningstar Farms has special veggie burgers for vegans that are available in a common grocery store.

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    If it is a spur of the moment thing and your daughter is a picky eater chances are it wont last very long. Get her the vegetables and whatever else she needs and let her try to cook. My friend desided she wanted to be a vegan and it lasted a week

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    Tell her that if she wants to be a Vegan then she needs to learn how to cook her meals herself.

    I had an acquaintance once who was a teenager who decided he wanted to be a Vegan. His mom put her foot down and said if he wanted to be a Vegan HE had to cook his own meals.

    Also, on the nutritional end. Dietary supplements do not equal a balanced diet. True, she will need some supplements, but the majority of her diet must come from food. She's going to have to learn to like Tofu and stuff like that.

    I've considered becoming a Vegan for philosohical reasons, but I like meat and hate Tofu, so that's out for me.

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    im 15 and im vegetarian. It actually kinda seems like she has an eating disorder.

    Let her do what my mom and my friend's moms made us do. Take her to a docter and get her checked out.. make sure no eating disorders are going on. Ask the docter if it would be okay to allow her to go on a vegan diet.

    If he says its okay just take her grocery shopping and let her pick out the foods she'll want [dont pick them out for her]. I would make her agree to take vitamin pills too... it really does help your system.

    If he says its not okay... let the docter tell her that in front of you and her both... so she knows it won't work.. and let the docter explain why.

    Thats really f**ktarded that shes being vegan cause she thinks its cool tho.... its really not.. a bunch of kids a bunch of sh*t because there vegetarian.. let alone vegan.

    Source(s): im the same age.. and a healthy vegetarian =]
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    Tell her that she CAN be become a vegan, but only one one condition:

    -Don't have you cook seperate meals for her and don't put all demand on you.

    If she REALLY wants to become vegan, she'll be okay with that rule. Maybe for the first week or two, you'll have to teach her how to cook, and maybe buy her a cookbook, if she's in it for the long run. If she doesn't want to learn to cook, then tell her you refuse to make her seperate meals.

    Good luck!

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    let her be a vegan. i am. but my parents refuse to cook seperate meals for me. they have me find my own food. tell her to do the same thing and if she cant cook and doesnt really care about animal rights she will soon stop being vegan and go back to eating the food you cook. and if she still wants to be vegan tell her to try harder to learn when you teach her to cook.

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    Schedule an appointment with her doctor and have the doctor talk with her about the importance of a balanced diet and how even as a vegan, she needs to maintain a healthy diet. You could also have her meet with a nutritionist who will do a diet plan with her that shows her just how varied her diet needs to be in order for her to stay healthy

    Source(s): My mom's a nutritionist
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    whats wrong with being a vegan? you eat everything but animal products. it helps you live a healthier life.being vegan isnt kool-its a way of life[my way]most of the things for vegan diets, you dont have to cook, like fruits and veggies, but she can also eat veggie burgers and stuff. i dont take supplements at all. and my doctor says im pretty healthy. maybe you should let her try it, most people cant go very long without fast food. also tell her she will have to give up oreos[cause the cream is made out of animal fat], chips[cause they are fried in grease,and other things. also, compromise with her, that you will teach her to cook the stuff she eats if she becomes vegan.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Maybe she has an eating disorder. I mean that was my excuse when people asked why i lived on salad and apples.

    It had nothing to do with animal rights, you know.

    So yeah i suggest taking her to a therapist


    Eating disorders are about control so even if shes eating, saying, im just eating these two food groups is a sign of that.

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