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Is freedom on the internet good or bad?

A lot of people believe in the freedom of the internet and that it should be protected at any cost but is it and the anarchy it brings really good? I'm talking about the people that vent at people they don't know about nothing and the people on certain websites cough*4chan*cough that like making random threats to people and can get personal information. Also there is the problem of all the scams that happen and the headache someone getting your personal information can bring.

Still if you try to deal with these by imposing law and order on the internet it ends up draining the freedom that makes the internet so great. Really since the ones that would bring about changes in the order of internet are corporations and government who are going to be inevitably corrupt. A lot of the good comes from people being able to get unbias reports about what is happening in the world and order and control of the internet would kill that.

So is freedom and the freedom to be anonoymous important to the internet and society or should a sense of order and accountability be established?


I'm undecided on this one so I will give best answer to best post instead of those morons who just give it to someone they agree with.

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    Have you heard of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? They, and the government, and the commercial influences such as corporations CENSOR and MONITOR what's happening in the whole media outlets. Of course the media include the Internet, too. So, it makes no sense if there is no law against identity theft and crimes occurred through online, and I believe the regulations are quite solid and reliable. I've been using internet services for almost my whole life, but I've rarely encountered websites or online users with ill purposes. It all comes as a reaction or an interaction which means it's possible for you to protect your security and privacy from the illegal activities. There are hackers and creators of the viruses who must be very smart, but there are anti-viruses and spywares produced by even smarter contributors. There are people who try to steal your information and harm you, but there are programs and softwares that help you prevent the online crimes.

    So, my point is there are already regulations and laws that protect web users from the hazardous elements. Online anonymity allow people to reserve the freedom of speech and press, and it also permits the unlimited possibility of web research. I think what needs to be more reinforced is the website security which guarantees the prevention of ID theft or misuse of personal information rather than limiting or reducing the freedom on the internet.

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    You seem to have the answer within your question. The internet should remain fairly un-fettered such as it is now. The users eventually do regulate the net by making choices in a sort of "free market" environment.

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    The price of freedom is the occasional /b/tard. It's still worth it.

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