Helping plan a theme party! need idea help

ok well here is the deal, a friend of mine is having a party this friday and needed help with some ideas for a theme, we wanted to go in a "prep school" direction but cant really think of anything to name it. we gotta have a good name to make sure everyone comes in the right attire. we want girls in short kilts and other school girl like stuff that's the whole reason were throwing this party. dont give me stupid names, gotta be something that rhyms, example (this one sucks) Catholic School Hoes and bad *** bros. thanks everyone

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    Here's a good one and a classic at that

    Black and white party ... or just white.

    You may not get slutty skirts, but depends on what kinda girls.

    You will for sure get chicks dressing up real nice and professinal which looks good to me.

    Another idea.

    Beach theme (IDK of a good name) maybe call it hawain night

    Girls may where bathing suits, or skorts

    Most guys will where flower t-shirts


    Summer beer, and Jungle Juice

    Summer beer: Lemonaid, Beer, and Vodka (Sounds REAL gross, tastes great)

    Jungle Juice: Grain Alchoal (Everclear), Vodka, and Kool-aid. It gets chicks HAMMERD, it tastes great and it's hard to tell how much liqour is really in it, bound to have a good time.

    A good idea is to have most of the drinks serverd in a inflatable pool with ice. Eventually a chick will fall in or get thrown in. Also toss some girls in there as punishment if they don't ware proper atire.

    Hope this helped, I've been to a few of these types of party's and all turn out pretty good.

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    Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes

    or like a professor and school girl theme, I'm not sure what to call it though

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    I went to a council house v country house theme once....was great..

    Chavvy pink velour tracksuits against twin set and pearls.

    Always good

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  • 1 decade ago

    Office Hoes and CEO's

  • 1 decade ago

    Golf Pros and Tennis hoes will work

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