I send article as attachment in word document, it goes in "doc.x". The recipients are not able to read. Why?

When I send email to my friends/relatives, sometime I attach some documents/articles. But it goes as word document "doc.x". The recipients are not able to open and read it. Can u help so that whatever I send can be easily read by the recipients.

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    Well, it needs to be sent as .doc if they are using Microsoft Word from before 2007. the .docx format is only able to be read in Microsoft Word 2007. If you are using that version, when you save the file, go to save as and save it in compatibility mode. The file will save as a .doc and they will be able to read it in all Microsoft Words.

    Hope that helps.

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    One of the problems you can come across when sending documents to others is-- what word processor and what version of that word processor are you using? If it is not the same as the version that they have-- they may not be able to read or open it.

    If you know what version they have you can do the following steps

    -- Type your document

    -- Hit "SAVE AS" instead of the regular save (you will have to use the menu below FILE for this)

    -- name your file

    -- under the file name use the drop down menu to pick the format that will be compatible with your recipient's computer

    -- attach the file as you usually would

    Of course if you have an older version of the word processor-- you cannot save as a newer version.

    Another-- nearly fool proof way-- to share your documents is to save them as PDFs. Most computers have a PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader) already loaded. If they don't-- it is a simple and free download. This can also ensure that your document looks exactly the way that you intended it to-- and keep others from messing around with it.

    So-- how do you change your document to a PDF without investing a lot of money in Acrobat distiller? There are a couple of easy ways.

    -- install and use Cute PDF writer-- a free program that sets itself up as a virtual printer

    -- use the Zamzar site-- which is also free-- to convert your file for you-- they will email you back the completed file.

    On a side note-- the Zamzar site will also help you open those pesky files that you get sent in formats you cannot access.

    Hope it helps


    Source(s): http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.ht... http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp http://www.zamzar.com/ -- the information about Cute PDF and Zamzar came from a technology training in my school district-- that is how I know the sites are pretty safe
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    This is happen cause you are using Microsoft office 2007 and your friends/relatives are using Microsoft office such as office 2003 or older.

    Solution:- Your friends/relatives must download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats (FileFormatConverters) from microsoft for open and read the documents.


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    If they don't have the same application such as microsoft word that you used to create the file, they may not be able to open it on their computer. make sure that the application you use is compatible with there computer, or it is the same year or version as theirs. For example, a micosoft word document wont open in word pad, or another older version of Microsoft word.You have a newer version of word, so they might not be able to open it if they ave a older one.

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