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Sword in harvest moon ds cute?

Ok I want to unlock the third mine which means i have to get to the bottom of the 2nd mine which i think has the sword. Will the sword disappear if i dont have all my tools upgraded? I really dont want to waste all my money right away on tools and i really want the sword...

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    no the sword will not disappear, you can always go back for it so don't worry about that. it will be right where you left it. just make sure you clear the level (kill all the monsters) and you're good to go. however, just because the door to the sword opens, doesn't mean you can get it, so don't expect to be able to get it if you're tools aren't mystrile. i actually did the same thing (unlocking all the mines first), but i was hoping to get the sword in one go, unfortunately only half my tools were mystrile. but i unlocked all 4 of the mines and when i had all my tools mystrile i went back and got the sword. by the way, to use it, you equip it like a normal tool and use it like a normal tool for killing monsters and stuff, but if you're trying to break those rocks by the waterfall to get the secret field, you don't use it like a normal tool. you actually just press A on the rock (with the sword equipped) and there will be a cute little cut-scene of you attacking the rock and destroying it, you do this for the rocks on both sides of the waterfall by the way. it actually took me a while to figure that one out, but it's as simple as that.

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    I had the same problem and i also posted it on Yahoo answers, I selected a best answer and the person helped me a LOT!! I think you can go to my questions and ee the answers.

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