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What type of fish can I keep in a bowl?

This is a bowl without any sort of filter.

I researched online and found that apparently you cannot keep goldfish in fish bowls and "everyone" they talked to had trouble keeping goldfish in fish bowls. Now I've had 4 different goldfish in my life all in the same bowl and they all lasted much longer than was expected. I also read that tap water was not safe for the fish but again, I've always used tap water and the fish were fine. I just wanted to know what other types of fish I could keep in my bowl (not together) so that when I go to the store I can look at different kinds instead of just going right for the goldfish.


When I use the tap water I put this stuff I got from the pet store in it to make it safe for the fish. I personally don't like betta fish. I've had 2 before and they didn't last.

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    How long did you have your goldfish in the bowl for? Hw big did it get? your tap water was probably very soft water so it was safe for the fish, but to have a healthyer fish you should use water conditioner. Better yet, get a small 2.5 gallon kit for them! A bowl is really not a good enviornment for ANY fish and your goldfish you kept in there probably did not last as long as they should have. a healthy fancy goldfish could easily live 20 years and a healthy common or comet goldfish could easily live 40 years, but only if given a proper enviornment! Also, common and comet goldfish get a foot long if given the proper enviornment and fancy goldfish get 6-8 inches if given the proper care and space. If the goldfish did not reach ful size it means their growth was stunted and they died s slow painfull death if organ failure or organ rupture.This is why bowls are bad for any fish-

    Little kits with undergravel filters and hoods with lights are only like 20$ at petsmaart, see!

    It is advirtised for goldfish, but not nearly big enough. The one gallon one is only 10$!! It is perfect for a bettsfish!!

    Edit:Ok, no betta. Well you could have a few male gupies or platys. Mollies get to big. You can have those livebeaers, but not in a bowl, in one of the kits I put a link to. I say only get males so you don't end up with LOTS of babies! Here is how to sex livebearers-

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    No fish belongs in a bowl. It would be like a person living in a closet. Goldfish are a social fish and produce a lot of waste, so they would be the last fish for a bowl. If you must get one, get a betta. Bettas are actually very interesting. They move very calmly, build bubble nests, and have very nice colors and fins.

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    ok, im going to attempt to propose a compromise in case you incredibly elect a fish. Get a 5 gallon tank, that are tiny if youve ever considered one. it would be approximately 10 funds. you may get a betta fish, that are very captivating if youve ever considered one. Then purchase a small clear out that could be utilized for a 5 gallon tank (it's going to say on the kit). Now in case you shop your place above 70* you wont even elect a heater, yet i elect to propose you get a small heater because of the fact that is going to shop your betta fit, extra colourful, and happier. the entire setup will value $25-$30. and the betta can stay 5+ years. and you should flee without gravel as long as you place some variety of cave or plant in there because of the fact bettas elect a hiding place.

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    Try a betta. Goldfishes have a slow and painful death in a bowl. Tapwater has toxins thatre harmful to fish use a water dechloriniser to get rid of the toxins.


    You can't put any other fish than betta if you do then they'll get stressed then die. I suggest using tetra aquasafe as the dechloraniser.

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    If the bowl is at least one gallon, a trio of killifish (I like the Aphyosemion gardneri), 1 m with 2 f, would be ideal. Some Java moss and a couple hiding places for the females would top it off.

    You should at least get a pump for aerating.

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    Betta fish can live without a filter or heater. Mine is in a 4 gallon with 2 dwarf frogs and they have been happily co-habitating for 2 years.

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    Bettas work great with bowls. Males work well when alone in a bowl as long as there's a large plant they can get some privacy in. Plus, male bettas are colorful and beautiful when cared for properly.

    I know they look dull in those small cups you buy them in, but that's because their living space is too small and they have no privacy. if you give them privacy and space, they'll be much more colorful.

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    Try ONE betta fish. They are beautiful and very active. You need to buy water conditioner to treat the tap water but they're worth it :D

    Source(s): i have 5 bettas
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    i wouldnt recomend it because, it would be like putting, someone in a small jail, because the fish dont have much room, its supposed to be like a gallon per inch of fishh, unless you have a very large bowl, plus, there wouldnt be a lot of air for the fish unless you have an air stone

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    Get some ghost shrimp or a frog! Shrimp are fun to watch and frogs are cool to. Just get a frog that has to stay in water!

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