one flew over the cuckoo's nest (novel)- character analysis

I need an in-depth analysis of Dale Harding, informally known as Harding

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    Dale Harding - An acerbic, college-educated patient and president of the Patients’ Council. Harding helps McMurphy understand the realities of the hospital. Although he is married, Harding is a homosexual. He has difficulty dealing with the overwhelming social prejudice against homosexuals, so he hides in the hospital voluntarily. Harding’s development and the reemergence of his individual self signal the success of McMurphy’s battle against Ratched, especially when Harding checks himself out of the ward and paves the way for the other cured patients to leave.

    Harding: An effeminate man with beautiful, dancing hands. He speaks eloquently and sarcastically, and is hounded in group sessions for his feelings of inadequacy with his wife. The other men look up to him because he has a college degree. He hints near the end of the novel that the reason he was driven to the mental hospital was that he indulged in certain activities on which society frowns. When one takes into account his manner and his worries of sexual incompetence with his beautiful wife, it seems as if the author is implying that Harding is homosexual.

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