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Does Leonardo DiCaprio derserve an Oscar

Leo has been nominated several times, why hasn't he won yet!! Leonardo DiCaprio deserved one years for Aviator (and I'm till ticked he didn't get it) and Blood Diamond. I'm hoping he'll get one for Bodies of Lies or Revolutionary Road (due to come out sometime in winter). I'm really pulling for Leo this year. Seriously though, why didn't he get an Oscar for The Aviator? I say, I really hope he wins one this year! He's really a fantastic actor!


Ooooh yeah, Jamie Foxx did deserve the Oscar, but he should of gotten it for Blood Diamond I agree.

Mariner: ENOUGH HATERS!!! Leo's is a amazing actor, just because your jealous, doesn't mean you can say Leo has no talent! GAH, he DOES!!!!

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    I agree with you. Leonardo Dicaprio does derserve an oscar. I am really going to be pulling for him this year. He better win. Because he if doesn't I'll mad. Give Leo an oscar already

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    Yeah, I think he deserved the Oscar a couple of years ago, but not for The Aviator. That year, Jamie Foxx gave a better performance and deserved to win. Actually, EVERYBODY knew Foxx was going to win, including Leo. Leo even gave an interview saying he was practicing how to lose gracefully. But I do think he deserved to win for Blood Diamond. He gave a great performance in that movie! Unfortunately, Forrest Whitaker won (which he didn't deserve to). Personally, I think DiCaprio's best performance was in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and one of these days, he'll win the Oscar he deserves.

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    He does deserve one, he has done some amazing roles in recent times. I especially liked his performance in The Departed.

    As for The Aviator, Jamie Foxx simply provided a better performance that year, according to the Academy.

    But winning the Oscar isn't a measurement of much. We all know he did a brilliant job, so why is a statue of a naked golden man so important? It's not.

    He'll get an Oscar one day, especially if he keeps up with these brilliant performances. No doubt about it.

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    Nope, Not until the older people who are voting in the Academy started retiring. For some reason they just don't like Leo. I mean how did he not get an Oscar for What's Eating Gilbert Grape? And everyone got a nomination for Titanic, but him. He's a great actor, perhaps he'll finally get one for Gatsby. Don't feel bad for him, I'm sure he's not bothered by it all. He has loads of money and he's won smaller awards voted on by fans and peers.

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    The Oscar Award is NOT a popularity contest... it is for achievement, in this case ACTING... and it is voted on ONLY by other actors.

    Actually, of the five nominees in 2005, I think Mr. DiCaprio's was the WEAKEST.

    Amusing amusing...

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    Without a doubt! He is one of the limited stars in Hollywood today that actually has talent. He will win don't worry! :)

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    no he sucks

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