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I am asking for serious answers only, please. I have extremely painful nipples. Not my breasts themselves, but my areolas (is that the correct spelling?). This started last week and it's not the same as when I was pregnant last year. I did have a miscarriage around this time last year. Is it possible that my body is remembering this? I am not pregnant. I don't know what it is.

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    Some women get painful nipples around the time they ovulate (14days after the first day of your period) or just before/during their period - due to hormonal changes. Perhaps this is the cause. It is also possible this could happen at other times during your cycle if you have imbalanced hormones.

    You say you had a miscarriage last year (im sorry to hear that by the way), well i dont think your body is remembering it but i guess anythings possible. Maybe the miscarrage has caused an upset in your hormone levels that hasnt quite settled down, thus causing your nipple pain. Maybe you should try some herbal remedies for balancing hormones.

    Other possible causes include:

    - Water retention

    - Irratation from rubbing against bra (this is quite common)

    - A change in washing powder

    If this pain goes on for a long time you may want to go to the doctors just to double check there is nothing wrong. But dont worry too much about it, im pretty sure its not serious.

    Hope this helps and that you feel more comfortable soon.

    Best of luck x x

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