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How often should you wash your make-up brushes?

Specifically, powder make-up brushes.

Like ones you would use for pressed powder, blushes, etc. ?


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    Once a week

    Use a shampoo, for hair

    Do NOT use conditioner on your brushes

    put some shampoo on your palm, dip it in your palm and swirl, dip-swirl-dip-swirl

    then get it really clean with soap

    now under MILD water, NOT warm water rinse it off, make sure the hot and the cold are the same..turn them at the same time at the same degree..if it is too warm then lower the hot down more than the cold

    rinse all your brushes

    put them on a towel (I suggest you do this at night - or if your going out for the night and need to use them then when you get back clean them) and then the next morning they will be clean, fresh, and ready to use :)

    The brushes you use for foundation, lip, and etc its necessary to wash more often then the brushes that only apply dry stuff

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    Depending on the quality of the brush, once a week or every other week. If it's a good quality natural hair brush, weekly because I want them to last. If it's a cheaper quality one, every other week.

    If it is anything that I use for wet products, like foundation, lipstick, liquid eyeliner, a brush to wet and apply powder shadow with, etc. then I was them at least every other day and rinse well after each use to avoid bacterial buildup.

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  • Once a week. (If you wash once a month, like the person above me said, the bacteria and oil will build up on the brush.)

    Just use dish washer detergent (like Dawn, Palmolive, or Joy), or you can use antibacterial hand soap. Then rub it into the brush. Rinse it under warm water, then let it air dry.

    Source(s): My personal cosmetologist
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    I wash all my brushes twice a wek (sunday and then Thursday) mainly my foundation brush and eyeshadow brush cause so much stuff..but dont do it once a month they will be exteremaly dirty

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    once every month

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