Break up songs?? Not too corny tho!

I know this sounds corny or whatever but I don't care at this point, lol. I broke up with my BF last nite, but we're being very mature about it, there's no animosity or anything like that. In fact, we still love each other but we know we can't be together.

Does anyone know of any songs that would be appropriate for this situation? I want to make him one last cd.. but nothing that's going to make him too depressed or anything.. i know, it's so hard!

Any advice or ideas for songs would be great though. Keep in mind, he and I were friends FIRST, for a couple years, before we even started dating. So, we have lots of great memories together.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lost and Found- Adrienne Pierce

    Sway- The Perishers

    Trouble Sleeping- The Perishers


    Thunder -Boys Like Girls

    Wake Up- Coheed and Cambria

    Take Care- A Change of Pace

    Stolen- Dashboard Confessional

    Noone really wins- copeland

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    1 decade ago

    Crazy - KCi & JoJo

    thats all i can think of at this moment

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  • missing you--trey songs



    say goodbye--chris brown

    say--john mayer

    p.s. im still not over you--Rihanna

    walk away--paula deanda

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