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Why Do Classic Rock Radio Stations Play Phil Collins Music?

I don't think it is either rock or classic. I think Phil Collins music should be on the Gospel radio stations, as an example of music from hell. What do you think?

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    It all started with the song In The Air Tonight. It was so big that it made it into numerous TV shows and movies. After that, the radio stations just wouldn't let him go until he stopped producing hits. Unfortunately, the Classic Rock stations won't let him go because he was a chart topper. They base their playlists on going Gold and hitting number one on BIllboard Magazines charts. Plus, since he was drummer from Genesis, that automatically allows him Classic Rock airplay because he is what they call a "CORE ARTIST" (My personal opinion about Billboard is irrelevant here). I think that there are many artists that should be excluded from the Clasic Rock library, but alas, I'm not the one who gets to make those decisions. He really belongs on Adult Contemporary radio in my opinion. Still, the man makes some really good tuneage.

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    If you don't like Phil Collins songs maybe you shouldn't listen to top 40 radio. What stations do they play your songs on? When you have multiple hits, albums, concert tours with a rock group or as a solo artist, then you can come back to Y/A & talk about your success but in the mean time, change the station & quit bellyaching over minor BS

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    Window makes a good point. Classic rock stations are providing music to the entire audience, not just one guy. They play the numbers game. If it was big time on the rock charts that determines if the majority of folks thought it was a great rock song. I have no doubt some of what I dislike might be what you like but no station programs to you alone or me alone. Those that try to program for only one person fail rapidly. A good music director knows the numbers and plays for maximum audience not to coddle one guy.

    Source(s): Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, Chief of 8 Stations, including a classical rock operation that is rated at or near the top in every book in a top 50 market.
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    Phil Collins definitly belongs into the realm of Classics, either Rock or Pop.

    His drumming style and songwriting has inspired countless artists and his material is pure class and perfection, whether one likes it or not.

    I am sick of all these idiots on here, slagging the man off, just because they don't like His music etc.

    Not liking a style of music is one thing, fair enough, but respect is due to Phil Collins, whether one likes His material or not.

    For exemple, I can't stand Bob Dylan's stuff, but I still respect the guy for his achievements.

    To all those who insult Phil, go and try to drum like Him or write such classic number 1s...then come here and talk!

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    What?! First of all what is your definition of classic rock? Classic rock stations at least around here play a lots of stuff like Clpaton, Santana, and Thoroughgood that is clearly blues. If by classic rock you mean "old rock". Well I think people like Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and Little Richard are classic rock, which technically they are considering they did rock 'n roll before the Beatles and Stones and their following clan. And Elvis is the king of rock and "classic rock" stations don't play him so explain that one!

    I think labeling music is ridiculous and stupid. There is so much cross-pollination in all genres that radios should play anything they want and music stores should just list everything alphabetically.

    Because when I'm trying to find Bonnie Raitt in blues and she's in pop rock, or when I look for Ray Charles in jazz and he's under soul I go freaking nuts. Even Elvis is in oldies and not rock when he is the KIng of rock!

    Labels separate they do not unite. Labels are the reason we continue to fight.

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    Genesis is classic rock by anyone's standards. Your question is laced with personal opinion, so a satisfying answer is not likely, although my answer is the best suited. Since Genesis is classic rock, radio stations play Phil and Peter Gabriel. You will also hear songs by other bands and their break-away lead singers' solo work. Granted, some of the solo stuff is best suited to elevators and waiting rooms, but they are still considered classic artists.

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    I think that you would be totally surprised at how many of the bands you listen to were influenced by dudes like Phil Collins. He writes, and plays some very good music. It's pretty tough singing and playing the drums!

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    Oh 8 Track!!! Oh Wow, You of all People! Et Tu! lol.

    Actually I agree that Phil isn't Classic Rock, definitely more Pop. And most of His material is quite sucky but....

    The Man is a Phenom of a Drummer, and just occasionally He makes a real gem like I Don't Care Anymore, or In The Air Tonight. Seriously My local AOR station can play those songs all they want if they'd just stop playing Creed and Nickelback...please.

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    Disturbed liked him enough to remake "Land of Confusion", so I guess he's OK. Still, you bring up a good point about whether his music should be classified as rock or not. Maybe soft rock? Classic I could see, since he's getting to be an old fart and his music, whether rock or not, was popular.

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    Well that's your opinion. But most people in the music industry recognize his talents and the combination of the other great talents in Genesis. And as far as being considered classics..... they are among the top 30 selling recording artist of all time.

    Sorry but just cause you don't like em doesn't mean they don't belong there.

    I agree its not rock but as we all on Y!A know genres lines are crossed all the time.

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