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What is Bush going to do about Russia INVADING Georgia? R we close 2 WW3/NUKES??????

Jesus, I so want Obama to win the election.....

But my question is from the heart....

I think that we may go weapons free soon.

the video I have just watched is Russia killing over 1100 admitted civilians.

how soon before Iran is invaded?

Where are the new troops comming from?

bad times folks.


do the Republicans think they will be any better at going global?

Well, it really wont matter, cause life as we know it is over.


slight difference of aggrement, but ...yea


Update 2:

Actually, is Georgia a country protected by some Bush signed treaty on defence?

If so, theres a problem Huston.

Update 3:

2nd post.

But What if Russia does not back down?

Do you know if there is a treaty on defence?

If there is, and Bush reneges on it, then he is just another Nevil Chamberlin(?).

Update 4:

3rd post.

Do you see any similarity of the cause and effect of the russia invasion of afganistan, leading to the russia economy going bankrupt, falling from world power status...

And what is taking place in the USA?

just wondering.

Update 5:

4th post

not worth a reply...OMG .....did I?

Update 6:

5th post

dont really believe you.

you sound kinda fake.

Update 7:

Does the following sound like the USA had the capability to send these forigen troops home, but did not even consider it til this invasion?

"At the Pentagon, a senior defense official said Georgian authorities have asked the United States for help getting its approximately 2,000 troops out of Iraq. The request is apparently related to the fighting in South Ossetia.

Georgia has been the third-largest contributor of combat troops after the United States and Britain.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions have been private, said no formal decision has been made on whether to support the departure, but said it is likely the U.S. will do so."

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    The following is just a perception of someone who prefers peace over war.

    UPDATE Aug 11/08 -- Russia's irresponsible counterstrike may lead us to all out War. They are clearly violated international law by annexing the separatist provinces on flimsy pretenses. What Russia has done, attacking and blockading OUTSIDE the PEACEKEEPER zone of influence is a clear irresponsible aggression, and will probably lead to a response from the West that would cause a major problem. RUSSIA, STOP NOW. Or else you may find your self in Georgia's shoes, along with the rest of the World.

    Original post Aug 10/08

    There is more to this conflict than meets the eye. WW3 right now, NOT. If it escalates, who knows?

    Peacekeepers don't attack. Russia keep broadening the scope of their actions outside the conflict area. That action disqualifies them as peacekeepers and belittles their arguments.

    At stake is the influence of Russia, and the West over old soviet republics.

    Russia lost Kosovo early this year, and are very upset about it. Since then, they have pushed to get this conflict going because it serves multiple interests.



    1) By broadening their attacks outside the conflict zone, they can disrupt oil flow to Europe. And cause the West a real economic nightmare by increasing the price of Oil and Gas that's currently in freefall to 80USD/bbl.

    2) By stomping on Georgia, it lets them know they have to follow Russia's will and power.

    3) They get to train there military for a real conflict and test how good their equipment stands against that of the West. Casualties will show this.

    4) Sends a signal to Europe that they will not allow old eastern block countries to join NATO or else face the consequences. (Czechoslovakia?).

    5) Lets the World know that they really don't care what they think, they will do what they want, to reassert the World hegemony.

    6) Scares every little country that's their neighbor about siding with the West and the consequences (look at the other conflict areas, they got obliterated).


    1) Some cost for the military actions

    2) Minor refugee problem.



    1) Reestablish sovereignty on a sparely populated area.

    2) Gain political power locally.


    1) Loss of life of its citizens. (done)

    2) Loss of infrastructure (done)

    3) Major humanitarian crisis (in process)

    4) Loose all disputed territories (done).

    5) Major political, military and economic defeat (in process)



    1) If Georgia succeeded. Russia would be a lame duck, didn't happen.

    2) Would gain control of the new corridor for new energy into Europe, by passing Russia.

    3) Would show other new pro western countries, that it pays to side with them. (this is a big one).

    4) Solve a small problem regarding living up to commitments of the past with Russia and the NATO request by Georgia.

    5) Gain credibility and need for a new missile defense system, in Eastern Europe.


    1) Loose the main pro western country

    2) Loose all credibility short term regarding supporting change for new democracies.

    3) Some economic impact due to energy prices. Though prices are falling, timing couldn't have been better.

    If Georgia started this, having the most to loose. It has been a very foolish move. Their president is hyper and may have miscalculated the consequences of his actions.

    The West stands to gain in the long run, no matter what the outcome, so it won't intervene militarily. It gains a bargaining chip against Russia, re asserts Kosovo's independence and can pressure Russia diplomatically into pushing Middle East agenda's.

    Clearly Russia has a lot to gain here too, and most likely has been brewing this up over a long period of time, based on their response and the extent of it.

    In the larger pic. This is a small price to pay to keep Russia, behind the global problems in the Middle East. Yes, Georgia will get a lot of diplomatic help, and some material help, but no real backing from the West that would lead to WW3.

    Larger problems face the West right now. Russia can become a bigger issue in the future, though unless they come up with some kind of disruptive technology or event, the technology and economic gap is so wide, that in the end it doesn't matter.

    Russia will probably get its prize for now. Though it may come to bite them in the future.


    Oil from Georgia to the US doesn't really matter, Russia sends more (please see the link below) Georgia's Energy helps Europe.

    Most media outlets, will state what their country (eg RussiaToday) wants to listen too.

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    Georgia wants to get into NATO but has been refused by some of the other countries which if they had been then yes we might be at war with Russia now. However because they are not and tried to claim as part of their own country another country, South Ossetia, which Russia still claims is the reason that was given by the Russians for this clash.

    President Bush and the rest of the countries are in talks with Putin now trying to get this settled without any more conflict or any other countries getting involved in the clash.

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    NATO has already assured Russia it will not get involved in the conflict. Georgia's President has called for a ceasfire because he believes the Gorgian invasion of ex-soviet state South Ossetia was successful.

    Georgias invasion of South Ossetia was the first strike, killing 2000 (woman and children) as well as Russian peacekeepers. Russia will agree to the ceasfire once the invaders have left South Ossetia

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    So long as his aides are quick enough to explain it's not Georgia as in Augusta Georgia, I don't think George Bush is likely to upset Mr Putin, after all they are good friends now that thay are both on the same side.

    However, I don't see anyone going 'weapons free' yet, neither Democrat nor Republican. And I don't see the 'war on terrorism' disapearing either, it's too useful a political ally for either party to drop it.

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    If things escalates then we roll in. When Israel was attacked by Hellzbolah we didn't do anything so it might be the same thing. As of right now Russia is just flexing its muscles so it wont look like a complete wimp but when we start to get aggressive most likely they will back down. They have nothing to gain if we go to war with them.

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    Bush is going to do nothing. Russias war is Russia's business, not ours.

    Obama will do nothing about it. Most leaders of foreign nations view him as weak so, perhaps he would make us a bigger target.

    If Iran is invaded, it will be by the USA. Dont have any dillusions about that.

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    He won and nothing really happened for the next 8 years... But hey, now Trump's gonna win...

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    Bush is so stupid he'll probably deploy the National Guard to defend Atlanta.

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    Russia did not kill civilians, Georgia did.

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    This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around.

    Put your faith in the man who would be king,Barack Obama. Oh My God! I wish he was President of the United States right now,like,I would feel so much SAFER!!!

    Scared lunitic liberals,ha ha ha! I look forward to the pushing of the button. So i can watch you pee your panties.

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