Why doesn't he wanna hear it?

I've been going out with my B/F for almost 5 months we've been throu alot together already

(I lost our son July) but he has said to me he never wants to hear the words I love you...

Last night by accident it slipped out of my mouth and he thought i did it on purpose just to slip it in

i said i didn't mean for it to come out.....and that if I did want to say it I would and that he already knows the answer and if he doesn't then he's dumb.....he just said yea true.

But why doesn't he want to hear it?

I really do Love Him


our son was a silent birth (16 weeks)

i do say:

i want

i need

i adore you

to him and we always put kisses on the end of our messages to eachother

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    Maybe he, like many of us, has been in too many relationships where the "L" word has been thrown around too many times. Many times in a relationship, especially those involving younger people, the couple says I love you before they mean it. It could be possible that 5 months isn't long enough for him to really feel it. If you want to tell him how you feel, but he doesn't want to hear those words, make up alternates. Ever see The Princess Bride? In the beginning of that movie, two young people, Buttercup and Wesley, were destined to be together. But before they loved each other, Wesley was Buttercup's farm boy. She would order him around all day, and all he would say is "as you wish". Before long, she realized that when he said "as you wish", he really meant "I love you". Your phrase doesn't have to be as you wish, but hopefully you know what I'm getting at. Tell him you really like his smile, and really stare into his eyes when you do it. Something that he knows you love him, but you didn't come right out and say it.

  • H*R*M*
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    Why are you with a guy who tells you he never wants you to tell him you love him? Does he not feel serious about you and that's why he's saying that? I would question that dude b/c thats not right

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    my bf did the same thing and all i did was ask him why he doesn't want me to say it and he said I'm just nervous and i really don't want to really start saying that until we are married or have been dating for a year or more so that i know that i really do love you and that you really love me!

    well now we have been dating for 1year and he said he loved me and he always says he loves me now! and we really do love each other!

    but you kinda just got to express your self and ask questions!

    Source(s): me and my bf
  • teehee
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    1 decade ago

    The words "I love you" are a lot more serious for guys than they are for girls.

    He probably doesn't want to hear it because to him it sounds more like you're saying "Let's get married".

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  • 1 decade ago

    he probably has lost many of people that he told he loves, but then it can be past relationships. they could have broken his heart and he feels like he can never love again. I felt like that and he'll get over it, you just gotta help him see that your the one.

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    awwww (sniff) im SO sorry. well maby he got hurt in the past

    or maybe hes scared of a commitment

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    most people who don't want to hear that someone loves them don't want to hear it because they are afraid of losing that person and feeling that much more pain. or they are afraid of hurting the person that loves them and causing that much pain. so either he's afraid to get hurt or he's afraid of hurting you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To say I love you is affirming his love for you or anyone else. He is very angry and is not very loving right now.

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree i love you for guys means a lot more

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