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Doesn't seem to care?

I like this guy, and he says he likes me the same way...but it seems when i tell him how i feel and flirt abit, he just is like, "heh...yeah..." and doesn't seem to care at all. :( I dont know what to do because i said im sorry and he was just like, its fine on msn, and just said cya later. but i dont know what to do. it's awkward because i gotta see him tomorrow. :( i dont know what to do. he just doesnt seem interested but says he likes me.


Thanks guys :)

Update 2:

Thanks guys :)

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    He probably said that because he doesn't want to offend you or hurt your feelings. That's what guys do, sometimes. Like my friend's friend slept with a girl and then left her the next day. Or maybe he isn't very energetic about stuff. It's okay if you guys don't get too close because men are difficult. I would just be more like friends than boyfriend and girlfriend because maybe the love is too much for him. Maybe you should talk to him, like ask why he's so unenthusiastic with you and not really caring about you. If he says that he doesn't know, then that's not a good enough answer. You should probably have a calm conversation with him about this. Tell him that you appreciate him accepting your feelings, but you'd like it more if he would be more enthusiastic when talking to you. Work it out and it'll work!

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    talk to her, and put everything down on the table, and make you telling me how you feel an tell him to tell you straight out

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