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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

So is it going to be NATO vs the SCO over the Asian sub continent ?

The SCO ? No one in the US has ever heard of that I bet ????

Ah good ole Fox and CNN forgot to tell you that there is a counter weight to NATO

The SCO comprises of Russia and China and a few other nations that end in "stan" It's observer states are Iran Pakistan and India

India recently dumped it's government in a vote of non confidence over a US arms deal - It was dumped by a vote of no confidence by the Indian Communist party and other independent MP's - I bet FOX and CNN forgot to tell you that too

So the US is sending in a humanitarian aid package to Georgia while it maintains a massive fleet off Iran's coast This humanitarian aid is being sent via the military

Yep the US is sending in American troops to a combat zone - to hand out blankets ---- They could have sent in anther NATO ally like Canada but they wanted American troops there -

Now if an American soldier/aid worker gets killed all hell could break loose in seconds flat - And Georgia has every motive to make sure that happens in order to "make" the Americans defend their nation

Control the pipeline running through Georgia and control the Europeans - via that corridor from the east (which has the oil) to the west (which needs that oil)

Attack Iran - and control the oil flow to the developing economies of China and India and so on - Control of the sub Continent means making sure Russia is cut off and isolated from selling oil

Gas - Russia's main source of income -

But then the Russians might fight ?

And if they do - fight it will be nuclear - the US blackmails Russia into backing down or risking the planet -

And the US dominates all of the developing nations including their chief money lender China -

But if Russia fights will the SCO hang with them ??

China knows that if the US dominates the sub Asian Continent that they will be the US puppet for centuries - India will be at the mercy of US corporations and Iran will be an American satellite nation - if it is lucky

It seems in the interests of the SCO to fight and to do it soon and to hang together -

The SCO vs NATO - world war 3 ? the death of a planet ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    NATO should disband after USSR dissolution!

  • 5 years ago

    West Indies are the main helpful team vs India in India with 5 sequence wins against the hosts. not sure approximately all of Asia. they have achieved nicely in Pak, yet SL did no longer develop right into a cricket try u . s . until after the Windies had began to slip. @ Moorthy. Australia has won 4 try sequence in India. England have won 3 sequence in India.

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