Why doesn't God perfom miracles anymore?

Recently, there was a question about the lack of miracles happening nowadays compared to the miracles that occurred when Jesus roamed the earth.

The person who responded claimed that God no longer performed miracles of that magnitude. Why, I'm not sure.

Christians, If God DID indeed make miracles back then, then why did he not make everyone believe in him and his son? There were far more people who thought Jesus was a crackpot than who believed him to be the son of God.

Could God not have announced to the entire world "I am God, this is my son, worship me or go to hell!"

Since he was capable of performing miracles back then anyway right?

Thank you.


Did you Christians not actually read the question? The paragraphs beneath the title IS the QUESTION.

Only one actual answer!!

WHY did God not inform earth of who he was? Would Jesus not have had an easier time if God had announced himself?

Update 2:

"The process that a baby goes through should not actually create a baby", are you serious? THAT IS HOW BABIES ARE MADE. Babies aren't miracles, they are the result of sex during ovulation.

Animals have babies too, so now animals are receiving miracles even though they have no souls?

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    "God" doesn't perform miracles any more for two reasons.

    First, I don't believe that there is such an entity that is capable of making things occur that are contrary to the way things occur, and second, there is no such thing as a miracle; there are only things that occur against very long odds.

    "did you read about those 30 people lifting the bus off of the pregnant woman and her baby surviving?.....if that's not a miracle, what is?"

    Given that the baby obviously sustained no fatal injuries, it would in fact have been a miracle if the baby had died. That is NOT a miracle.

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    I often wonder that too.People on here seem to make excuses for him saying "its a miracle to wake up", "30 people lifting a bus. ect...". What you are meaning is why doesn't he perform the type of miracles there are in the bible anymore? Why would he allow all this confusion in the world regarding religion. More people have died fighting for what they believe God is than anything else in the world. If it mattered that much to him for you have to jump through all these hoops to go to heaven and avoid burning in hell. I think he would come down and say "Hey its me God! The Jehovah Witnesses are right do what they say and you will be OK with me. Every religion claims that the are the right one. Its not fair for him to put all these different religions here and if you choose the wrong one or live in the wrong part of the world you will burn in hell. If it were that important to him he would let us know like he did in the old days.

    I guess I didn't really answer your question but just ask more questions. So my answer is "SOMEONE IS LYING."

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    You misunderstand the difference in time periods. Its not that they thought he was a crackpot ,as you put it. The were afraid of him because of what he could do. And even if God said to the world, this is my son,you must worship him. then they would resent him. And its not that he couldn't of done it. But he wanted them to choose for them self. He wasn't going to force them .If they didn't want to. And even if Jesus preformed miracles in our time. People would accuse of of using magic, or think he had the events planned. To get people to believe in Him. Ask yourself this, Lets say, He does something you know no one else could do no matter what. Lets say you saw him standing on a train track.. And you see a train coming toward him. And for no reason. He makes it levitate.. Or even stops it just by holding his hand up. what would you do? Would you run, get scared, Or die from shock? Or would you even believe Jesus did it. And it was all a trick? Or ask yourself this. Suppose Jesus tore off your arm ,showed it to you . and said now watch me put it back. How would you feel?

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    Whomever said God does not perform miracles anymore is wrong.

    I'm not talking about the "I saw the face of Jesus in my Grill Cheese Sandwich" miracles...those things don't prove miracles, they just prove that some people have more faith than they do brains.

    I'm talking about scientifically and medically verified cures, that are totally inexplicable to modern science and medicine, and that are rigorously tested and investigated by a panel of doctors, where far fewer than 1% of the claimed miracles get recognized... I'm talking about the Lourdes Medical Bureau.

    This is a list of the cures.


    Here are a couple of links about them.



    And as for why didn't God didn't just announce to the entire world "I am God, this is my son, worship me or go to hell!"

    Well if you look at the Gospel's of Matthew and Luke (Chapter 3 of both) you will see God pretty much did just that ....

    "After Jesus was baptized, he came up from the water and behold, the heavens were opened (for him), and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove (and) coming upon him.And a voice came from the heavens, saying, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased."

    It is just that a lot of people don't want to believe it. God isn't about FORCE...God gave us free will and we get to CHOOSE what what we believe. God is basicly a very Libertarian fellow...He is a firm believer in letting you go to Hell in your own way, if you so choose. He would really prefer you NOT do that...He does love you very much after all...but if Hell is what you really really want, He will do His best to warn you...but He's not going to stand in your way.

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    we have what is called free will. God at the baptism of Christ did come down from heaven in the shape of a dove and proclaimed loudly ... this is my son. as for miracles... they do exist in our time but we not as open-minded now as we used to be back in Christ time. take a look out of your window or better yet take a walk and look around you. every thing you see is a miracle. take a look at a new born baby. you probably learned in sex ed in school how babieis are made but did you ever stop to think about it. the process that a baby goes through to be born should not produce a baby but it does. a baby is itself a miracle. where do you think eeverything in this worldl lcomes from? where and how do you think it all got started?? it came from a being much higher than us. call this being whatever you want to it still come down to being God.

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    that would mean taking away your free will and thats not what God wants. He wants you to want to believe in him. its crazy i know. if i was God I would probably tell everyone "I am God, this is my son, worship me or go to hell!". and miracles still happen everyday. something that might seen ordinary to you could be a miracle to another person.

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    you have it all wrong.

    it depends on what your point of view of a miracle is.

    people want God to resuscitate the dead and such, but waking up each morning is a miracle, good health is a miracle there are many things that are miracles. Our God is great and he loves us:]]

    God bless

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    Because there is no God to begin with, the bible is all a story, a man made belief.

    No miracles, just luck.

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    ........who says there are no miracles now?

    did you read about those 30 people lifting the bus off of the pregnant woman and her baby surviving?.....if that's not a miracle, what is?

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    He did announce it, didn't you read the Gospels?

    Oh, you're looking for the big heavenly dude in the sky with a bullhorn riding on a cloud. Sorry, God is above that :)

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