Did McCain's performance tonight change any minds?

It did mine (check all of my past answers, if you don't believe me). I was going to write in a candidate for this next election.

I could not be swayed to Obama, full disclosure, but I was not going to vote for McCain this time either. However, I was moved by his statements tonight and I now think I will vote McCain.

I'm wondering if there are very many people out there like me who are watching this crap right now though.....I actually wrote the questions out and tried to grade each candidates answers. I'm such a geek.

anyway....anyone else awed by McCain, or just me?


I was not awed by Bush....hence my willingness to write in a candidate this year........I wish someone but McCain was running, but he changed my mind from "none of the above" to him tonight. That's not a huge jump, my friend, it's a hedge bet. You are not a real deep thinker LK Duh, are you.....just vote your emotions, k. Obama 4 evr, bff. (hope your kids don't throw mine on a grenade to save themselves)

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    a lot of people, I will bet.

    I was already for McCain. But Obama made a fool of himself tonight.

    I think Obama's poll numbers will be going down more over the next few days..

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    I have made up my mind about voting for McCain (first choice is Hillary).

    But I still had some nagging doubts until today. I guess this is my first time truly listens to McCain himself instead of all the tidbits that I watched at youtube (which mostly negative).

    I thought McCain was not an eloquent speaker and Obama was, boy, was I wrong. I totally connect with McCain tonight and feel like he's talking to me. I thank him for his love to this country, his service for this country, and his belief that he's a fit leader where the best days are ahead of us.

    He doesn't dwell on what's wrong but focuses on what is great and what can be improved. I am tired of hearing american citizens keep apologizing and criticizing our own country. We are far from perfect but we still live in a great nation. Honor the sacrifice that our comrades have made to provide us our freedom and lets not whine as much. Lets focus on improving our own lives as McCain said, our best days are ahead of us.

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    I was already planning to vote for McCain; however, the differences in their answers and the conviction and confidence in giving them certainly impressed me (with McCain). A couple of things stood out for me. The first was Obama's statement that "the government should do more to prevent unwanted pregnancies." I'm at a loss as to what more can be done; condoms and birth control pills are already freely available, sex education is prevalent - both in the schools and through the media. The spin on this appears to me to be that it is not a matter of personal responsibility but an extended opportunity for spending tax money. Even though liberals dislike the idea, a return to morality will do more to prevent unwanted pregnancies than any amount of money. The second thing was his quote of the Scripture "whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for Me." This, to me, exhorts us as Christians to support charitable causes rather than, again, leaving it to the government. Another quote that he ignored is "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's."

    When Obama loses the election, it will be his own words that will be to blame.

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    I am SO glad you asked this question as I would have had you not done so! I'm a registered Independent who was not at all thrilled with McCain as the Republican's choice of candidate...that is, until tonight. Yes, as a conservative, I supported McCain when he became the presumptive nominee but tonight was a turning point for me. I've seen McCain in many debates but his performance in this particular venue solidified my support of him. I saw a man who, without a doubt, put America and Americans first in all his views of the issues...I saw the heart and soul of McCain within his thoughtful, heartfelt and sometimes humorous answers. So, tonight didn't change my mind about voting for McCain but it did change my mindset when it comes to giving him my full unadulterated support.

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    McCain SMOKED Obama in this event.

    I was already going to vote for McCain, but now I believe he has shown what he stands for and the Independant voters in the country that decide every election will begin to move to his side.

    Obama was a joke - wouldnt make eye contact, kept looking down while he was talking, avoiding answering directly - he would be such a fool as Commander In Chief.

  • canam
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    I was a democrat who supported Hillary. No way I could vote for Obama, and was going to vote for McCain. After watching this forum tonight, I know I made the right decision. McCain is awesome. His knowledge, experience and values are right on the money. He deserves to be president.

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    I can't vote yet, But now I think I can semi-trust McCain. I really don't trust obama. McCain is pro-life, and I'm really happy about that. however, you must know that I do not trust politicians, because, well, they're politicians.

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    First a disclosure: I'm a McCainiac, a huge supporter of McCain. I do think he shored up support with social conservatives tonight.

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    I was always for McCain but the media was preventing him from getting what he needed to say to the people. This forum gave him that chance and he did a great job of doing it, but be prepared. The mainstream media will make it sound like Obama walked off with this in his pocket and blew McCain away. but we all know diffrent

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    I was already for McCain but I have to say had I been sitting on the fence before I would join McCain now----he came off looking very much presidential---his answers were clear and succinct---without the lengthy run-arounds--how refreshing --I was also glad to see him address the issue of his divorce.

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    Even when I was a democrat voting for Kerry and Clinton, i liked John McCain, he has always impressed me with his clarity of mind, so I will vote for him.

    BTW, when Obama was saying his "uh"s I drove to the store, did a load of laundry, fixed my dinner and showered.

    When I got back, Obama was still saying uh and er.

    I almost couldn't bear to hear another UH

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