Over my pay level???? Human Life?

I'm not quoting him exactly correct, but it's close.

Deciding when human life deserves human rights...isn't that an opinion anyone should have....especially the leader of the free world?

I'm not an abortion nut, (check my history of questions and answers if you don't believe me.)

My vote has moved (maybe temporarily) from "none of the above" to "McCain" tonight.


I agree with you, second answerer....hence my statement about not being an abortion nut. His ignorance on such an easy issue is....well, it's just scary to me. (his ignorance on how to handle the question, I mean.)

"people more intelligent than I should make those decisions", is what he's trying to say, I think.

Update 2:

Hey mac....I don't know what he meant. I don't think he knows what he means most of the time. I just meant that the abortion issue is a stupid one to make such a gaff on. Abortion is so polarizing that you don't have to fight too hard to get your side energized. His answer was so stupid that I was just amazed.

I don't think the pro life crowd is anywhere close to voting for Obama....I was just surprised by his idiocy on that question.

Update 3:

I mean, if he's that ignorant on an easy issue....what's he going to be like on a hard one......like fighting radical islam, for example...(hard example, huh?)

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  • Mac
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    1 decade ago
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    I would like to know too - what the heck did that comment MEAN? Aside from its meaning, it made it sound like he dismissed it as not very important to the discussion.

    If - like you suggest - he meant that he doesn't have to decide it because he is just a senator - HUH? I mean, senators vote on abortion related issues all the time, and I totally agree with you that the leader of the free world needs to have the b---s to take a position on it. I thought he dodged the question, and I'll bet a lot of the conservative voting public thought so too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Basing a vote for President on abortion is silly, given that 1st trimester abortions ARE ALWAYS going to be widely available even IF Roe v Wade was overturned!

    Just about EVERY issue is more important than abortion.

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