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Should I take Purple K?

Hey, I'm starting to take Purple K creatine pills for my workouts. I have done a bit of research and like any other product there is controversy over its side effects and such. I am going to use it anyways, so my question is if anyone knows: How much water I should drink a day while on Purple K, to reduce my risk of long term effects? How much water to drink when using Purple K, I have heard 1 Gallon (4 Litres) which seems like a lot so I was wondering if anyone knows for sure the right amount or close to it.


Yes it is KreAlkalin. It works for different body types, genetics (how well you are able to build muscle etc)

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    You have made PURPLE•K a staple in any serious bodybuilder’s supplement program, because it gives the real strength gains you need to move big weight. With each workout you’ll feel your strength grow.

    • Use only milligrams of Purple-K compared to the heaping spoonfuls needed with regular creatine.

    • None of the side effects of regular creatine.

    • Purple-K works from the very first serving giving you immediate results. No loading phase is required.

    • You save money and get better results using as little as 1-3 grams per day.

    • Purple-K neutralizes lactic acid so you can increase your stamina and perform at higher levels.

    • Purple-K will maximize your strength to weight ratio, because there is no water retention.


    Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid that has a pH between 1 and 2. In this acidic environment, other creatines break down into creatinine (kree-AT-ah-neen) – a useless waste product.

    Because other creatines break down in stomach acids, mega-dosing is common, but only causes more problems because it makes you bloated and shuts down your creatine transporters (Crt), making you absorb less creatine – not more.

    PURPLE•K is the King of Creatine because it’s pH correct creatine that utilizes an advanced pH correct buffer that prevents creatine breakdown in stomach acids. As a result, 100% of PURPLE•K is delivered intact to your muscles, making it highly bio-available and ensuring real strength gains at a fraction of the serving size.


    PURPLE•K is pH correct and fuels your immediate energy system by increasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (C10H16N5O13P3) and phosphocreatine (PCr) (C4H10N3O5P) stores.

    During exercise, ATP and PCr breakdown triggers the buildup of acid in your muscles – this state is called acidosis – and this acid buildup causes pH changes inside your muscle resulting in muscular failure.

    By increasing ATP and PCr – two potent muscular fuels - PURPLE•K produces real strength gains rep after rep. And, by utilizing its advanced pH correct buffer, PURPLE•K prevents the onset of acidosis and muscular failure, so you’ll continue to achieve the real strength gains you need for your hardcore muscle building workouts.




    Suggested Use:

    This is how you take Purple-K:

    As no loading is necessary, Purple-K starts to work right away.

    Before Workout:

    1-2 capsules of Purple-K 30 minutes before

    After Workout:

    1-2 capsules within 60 minutes of finishing

    Non-Workout Days:

    1-2 capsules in the morning

    There is no mention in this article of taking such huge amounts of water:I thinkif yoou drink the normal amount a day:you will be fine


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    This Site Might Help You.


    Should I take Purple K?

    Hey, I'm starting to take Purple K creatine pills for my workouts. I have done a bit of research and like any other product there is controversy over its side effects and such. I am going to use it anyways, so my question is if anyone knows: How much water I should drink a day while on Purple K, to...

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    Purple K Creatine

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    Purple K this is KreAlkalin correct? If so just drink normally, drinking a gallon of water a day is bordering on the dangerous in itself.

    As for the side effects, as far as I'm aware there are very few side effects from this type of buffered Creatine, problem is (from personal experience) it doesn't actually work very well either.

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