X Box360 Vs PS3? Help!?

Well im going to buy a Xbox 360 or PS3 , I have to decide which one.

I was hoping someone could tell me which one is better and why?

Look foward to reading anwsers Thanks.

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    I prefer the 360. Here's why:



    -Better hardware. It's a much more powerful machine.

    -Better processing power

    -Bluray disks can hold expansively more data than 360 HDdvd disks

    -PS3 has 7 core processers, as oppossed to the Xbox360's 3 processers.

    -Uses Cell proccessing.

    -Standard HD

    Free online play

    -Able to install Linux


    -Not a lot of great games.- System still seems to be developing support from the industry

    -Third-party game support is almost non-existant (SONY relies primarily on its own companies and partners to develop games for it)

    -The cell processer is too hard for developers to work with at the time.

    - Online play is laggy, glitched, not as immersive as Xbox live.

    - Most companies that previously developed games specifically for SONY are either making their games multiplatform or moving them exclusively to the 360

    - Complete lack of RPG titles (The PS3 currently has around eight to ten)

    -Very expensive (Around $100 more)

    - Must instal games into the hard drive (Consumes hard drive quickly)



    -Best online play available.

    -Online play is cheap (About $45 a year)

    -Wide variety of Shooters, action games and RPGs specifically

    -Better third-party support

    -Optional hard drives

    -Much smoother interface

    -Cheaper than PS3

    - Far more exclusive titles

    -More blockbuster games

    -Recent price drop

    -Optional hard drive installation

    -Ability to access MSN messenger from console

    -You will soon have the ability to have Netflix movies sent directly to your 360 via your internet connection and watch them on your TV.


    -HDDs are over priced.

    -37% fail rate in systems

    -HDdvds are far smaller in capacity

    - Does not have the processing power of the PS3

    My thoughts:

    While the 360 is a much weaker machine schematically, there are no developers willing to utilize the PS3's abilities or processing power. I mentioned that the PS3 has 7 cores and the 360 has 3, however not a single game to date has used even all of one of these cores to play, and I highly doubt there ever will be. The space on disks essentially means games made for the PS3 can be larger/longer, so some games ported to the 360 may take multiple disks.

    In essence, the 360 is stronger right now in the area of GAMES, but is using its full abilities. The PS3 has yet to be tested by any game. So in the long run the PS3 MAY push past the 360 and leave it in the dust. But right now the 360 is where to go if you want games in the short term (Good games now. Rather than hoping good games will be made for the PS3) Both consoles also hold the ability to play videos and stream pictures directly to your TV. Though you're able to use Windows Media center on Xbox 360.

    You're going to get a lot of fanboys coming in here with "Well the 360 can't play the same games the PS3 does!!!" That's true:

    Because Microsoft thought it was a dumb idea to force you to install games onto your hard drive in order to play them. On the PS3 you have to instal games onto the HDD just to play them, which sucks down your hard drive space. BluRay disks are actually amazingly slow at running video games. This is why an installation onto the HDD of the PS3 is needed, even on multiplatform games where the 360 runs them fine, even on the 'inferior HDdvds.' It's because BluRay disks are crap for video games.

    Find me an exclusive FPS on the PS3 better than Halo

    Find me an exclusive TPS on the PS3 better than Gears

    Find me an exclusive RPG on the PS3 better than Tales

    Or at all.

    There just really is no argument here.


    -PS3 has few to no good exclusive games

    -It eats your hard drive

    -Has bull online support with crap servers

    -Multiplatform games look WORSE on it

    -Looks like a grill

    -And the industry hates it.

    I didn't choose my 360 because I was broke, I chose it because I want to play games, not watch movies with visual enhancements undetectable to the human eye. And in the area of games, the PS3 just doesn't have a single one I want.

    It should also be noted that the NEW 360s (With the 60gb HDD) have no ability to get the RRoD. That problem has been fixed.

    Games that are multiplatform for the PS3 and 360 ALWAYS look better on the 360. This is because games are initially developed for the 360 and later ported to the PS3. They're developed with the 360 hardware in mind. If you don't believe me, google it. Examples: http://www.gamespot.com/features/6162742...



    The same site comparing assassins creed and several others: http://www.eurogamer.net/gallery.php?gam... Notice how flat textures look on the PS3.

    I won't even talk about a Wii, because..I don't even consider it a video game console, any more than I consider a leapfrog learning center a video game console.

  • 1 decade ago

    i have both and i prefer the ps 3 over the 360. im on my 2nd 360 after the first one had a flaw that caused it not to work, it happens to all of them, its called the three rings of death. sure there are a lot less games for the ps3, but the quality of the games is better. also you get the bluray player with the ps3.they are both real good but i have both hooked up to a 1080p tv and the ps3 graphics are awesome.there is a lot of boxiness to the graphics on the 360.......now i dont know anything about the black premium 360 as mine is only a regular one.....go ps3. if i had it to do all over again i would have bought the ps3 and a wii.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • 4 years ago

    Have fun playing an empty console. Me, I base it all off games. I like Halo, Modern Warfare, Ghost Recon, Madden and Metal Gear Solid. I can play all but 2 on either PS3 or 360. For the other 2, I need one or the other, so I got both. When the Wii has a few games I know I will spend hours playing, I will get one. Until then, I am content with 2 consoles because they have their own exclusive games.

  • 1 decade ago

    well honestly i think the 360 is the way to go. Rite now it has a lot of good games out that can be bought cheap now, and is cheaper.

    also the online gaming is just amazing but it does cost you some money. best way to go about with that is to just buy 3 month cards when you can.

    and when their are games that are on both systems the one on the 360 is almost always rated higher. if you like to watch movies the 360 has HDMI i think or maybe just HD but thats pretty clear, but the ps3 has blu ray but most people i think dont really have that.

    its totally up to you but i suggest a 360 for sure. if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    better games or better graphics u choose if u want better games xbox 360 better graphics ps3 but i honestly like the xbox 360 better

    Source(s): ive had and played them both
  • 1 decade ago

    i think the ps3 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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