Is it possible for linpus linux lite to get viruses??

I saw an 8.9" acer laptop in the flyers this week and im planning on buying it but its linux not windows. 512mb DDr2 memory, 8GB ssd hard drive i want to know if this is a good deal for $349.99 CAD. also if it is possible for this program to get viruses because i heard viruses were only windows and linux doesnt get viruses

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Seems the hackers don't go after Linux systems for some reason. They only seem to hate Bill Gates. l've been playing with Linux for about 6mo's and l'm still stuck on the radically simple because Linux anything but simple. More and more people are converting though just because it's safer. lf l didn't have to buy a new printer for Linux l'd switch. the one l got(a canon) is not even 2yrs old and theres's no drivers for the Linux system. I'd stay way from the Acer though their mobo's are junk.

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