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Star Wars IV box office numbers?

Are the number of box office sales for the original Star Wars just from the original release in the 70s, the rerelease in 1997, or a combination of the two numbers?

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    STAR WARS 1977 numbers alone.

    Domestic: $460,998,007 59.5%

    + Foreign: $314,400,000 40.5%

    = Worldwide: $775,398,007

    Star Wars 1977 in 3rd now all time and still 2nd all time with adjusted inflation and number one for PG rating.

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    It originally opened on May 25, 1977 in 32 theaters in the US, $6,806,951 was made its opening weekend, $307,263,857 during it's first release, and eventually made $797,900,000 worldwide following the re release.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    its just from the original release, but when they talk about the dark knight passing star wars in box office sales they don't take all factors in account, i read where if you take inflation into account then dark knight would have to make about 600 million to pass titanic and about 1.4 billion to pass star wars

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