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Oldest Professional Football team in North America?

ten points for the first correct answer. BTW - i mean american football, and I mean all of professional football


The answer is the Toronto Argonauts. i said "North America" and the toronto argonauts were the first cfl team and the CFL is older than the NFL

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    According to the NFL website, the Arizona Cardinals are the oldest professional Football team in the NFL tracing their roots back to 1898 as the Morgan Athletic club. The NFL had its first season in 1920 ( the league was named the American Professional Football Association its first 2 seasons) and only 2 Franchises survive from that initial season, The Arizona Cardinals ( they were the Chicago Cardinals in 1920) and The Chicago Bears ( known as the Decatur Staley's in 1920) The Green Bay Packers started in 1921.

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    The Toronto Argonaut s of the C.F.L. is the oldest North American Football team dating back to 1873. It has had the same name since it s inception and turned 142 years old today on Oct. 5th, 2015.

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    I'm too late, but it is the Cardinals.

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    well if you mean "all professional football" then you dont mean JUST american football... unless you mean professional american football.

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    I think it's the bears or packers.

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