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Is it okay to be on birth control and do the "lemonade diet"?

I am going to start the Master Cleanser diet aka The Lemonade diet, it says that you are not suppose to take ANYTHING, but I have to take my birth control. I was just wondering if that is okay?


PS I dont seem to know how to pick a "best answer"

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    I did the mastercleanse in May and I had the same question. I joined a bunch of mastercleasne forums to find the answer. The best idea is to consult with your primary doctor. I did hear though that people who needed their medication daily should maintain that schedule and not alter it. Unnecessary medications such as vitamins and tylenol are to be avoided. Good luck! I lost 5 pounds.

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    Yea U can still take your birth control. There is no nutritional value to it. U do know that those cleansing & detox diets are only for a quick way to lose weight. Once u stop the cleanse u will gain it right back.

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    If you're on a diet that tells you that you can't take medication, there's something wrong with that diet.

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    never heard of that diet but im pretty sure they dont mean you cant take your meds, unless is specifically states that lol. like i said never heard of it so dunno exactly what they say about it.

    but if you want to be 100% safe and sure, why not call your gyno?.

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