What should I charge for setting up a website for someone?

I'd really like to know how much I should charge for this, I'm not sure.

A friend of my mother's wanted a website for her new small business, and I was asked to help her. I found a cheaper place for her to get a domain name, and designed the website for her. It's kind of simple, it doesn't use anything more than HTML/CSS, and it's only got a homepage and two or four pages with more information on different things. (I'm not sure whether it will be two or four because I haven't quite finished yet) She wants me to make a suggestion as to how much I'd like for it, and I'm really not sure what to say.

I'm also not sure if I posted this in the right section, so if you think I would get more answers in another section, I would be happy to hear your suggestion as to where I should post this.


I'm not sure how wealthy she is, but I'm pretty sure she's sure her business will be successful. She said she's already gotten a call from a different state and they're interested in all of what she's selling. I'm still in high school and haven't taken any more than Tech Ed. in 6th and 8th grade, which taught me almost nothing. I've designed a few websites before, but it was a while back and they were for myself.

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    Well, I am a professional...


    and I charge $25 per hour, which is surprisingly cheap (because im 16, I don't make a living off this) so from the sound of a 4/5 page site, maybe, $100, or $125? That's the main issue with web developers is they do not know where to charge. Be confident in what you can do and know your good, and they would have spent way more money going to someone else other than you. Good luck! Link would have been useful, and posted in the correct spot!

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    Ask your mom about it.

    It depends on a lot of things. If your mom's friend is very wealth and expects the business to be very successful then you can charge a lot more. Are you a college grad? major in something design releated? Years of work experience? Is this the first major website you've designed?

    Also, keep in mind that people tend to return favors. If you charge her a small amount she'll be a lot more likely to send favors your way.

    I have a friend who will sometimes be asked to design websites through some consulting company. He will often say he did a website in a single knight and charged something like $500 or $1000 for it.

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    With your education and experience level I wouldn't expect you to charge very much per hour. As a professional designer I charge $50 per hour for design and programming, but because of my experience and skills I can complete tasks much quicker while maintaining a high level of quality.

    I can usually complete a website design, XHTML / CSS templates and content management system integration in around 15 hours. This would come out to around $750.

    If you are looking to get into the field of web development, ask yourself how much your time is worth and be reasonable about it. As you continue to learn and improve your skills you can begin charging more and more. Good luck!

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    Make her post the project at freelance websites like http://getafreelnacer.com/ , http://scriptlance.biz/ , http://eufrelance.com/ and let many web designers bid for the project , from average bid posted for the project , you will get fair amount of idea on how much to charge for the project.

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