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In world of warcraft should I choose to make a character in Pve or Pvp?

Whats the major differneces? I know pvp means person vs person but I've never been in one yet so i don't exactly know what to expect is it funner to play in pvp?

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    I have been playing WoW for two years now. I have alliance characters on a PVP server and I have a horde character on a PVE server.

    On the PvP server basically anytime you get into an area that is contested (the name will be orange in the upper right hand corner of your screen) there is a chance that a player from the opposing faction could kill you. For example if you are playing Alliance and you go to Redridge Mountains then Horde would be able to kill you. One thing that I really like about PvP servers (which some people don't agree with) is that when you get higher levels you can go to the towns with lower level players and reak havoc on them lol.

    On the PvE server you basically can't get killed by the opposing faction unless you turn your PvP flag on or if you hit someone that is PvP flagged (if their name is red to you). One nice thing about PvE servers is that you don't have to worry about getting killed by other players all of the time.

    Overall I think the PvP server is more exciting because it gives you alot more of an opportunity to battle, but it will take you longer to level considering you will get killed more often.

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    Pvp: Player versus player

    Pve: Player versus environment

    I originally choose a Pve realm because I had know clue which was which and the game simply recommended it to me. Pvp is a lot more fun when you reach the maxium level (70). At times it can become annoying because you can not accomplish your goals because you keep getting killed. Pve is also good but it is a lot less competive in a Pvp aspect. Pve'ers tend to be more focused on raiding (where groups of players get together to down bosses) opposed to Pvping (killing players of the enemy faction). Both are lots of fun, and both require lots of skill if you want to be good at it.

    Join a medium to high population Pvp realm. You will have a lot of support from allies and you will have more opportunities to play with other people. Many Pvp realms raid a lot too. I choose Pve my first time and I regretted it.

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    Well there is a big difference between PvE and PvP..

    In PvE servers you can choose if you want to do PvP or not wich makes it easier to play. But if you want to make the game more harder.... You choose PvP because your always on PvP so if you come across a horde and your alliance u have a option to kill them or walk past them (they have the same option too) So if your new to WoW i suggest a PvE server . Hope this helped =P But im not really sure on how you want to play Wow so try out the 2 server types yourself =]

    Source(s): Playing the game myself and trying out the 2 server types... ( i didnt try out roleplaying though,,,)
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    you may make a character on a PVP realm and pass to a PVE realm or yet another PVP realm. you won't be able to pass from a PVE realm to a PVP realm. in spite of the undeniable fact that, there's a a million-2 month cool down earlier you may swap lower back, to not point out yet another $25 cost.

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    PvP will be a lot more challenging; But if you know your way around that will okay....However if you want to level then PvE is the way to go...Normally PvP will take longer and can be very very annoying.

    Source(s): I've been playing WoW for 3.5 years. 5 well geared 70's; 2 leveled on PvP.
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    I would say if you like PvP a lot join a pvp server and if you are more playing for the PvE join a PvE server.

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  • go PvP, do not go to a normal realm, ever. it sucks so much to not be able to gank and it is a lot easier to have world PvP on the PvP realms which in the long run is a lot of fun. People will tell you it doesn't matter, I have experienced both realms, PvP is just better, it gives you more options. Unless you are never going to attack other players, then go to a PvP realm.

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    I play on a PVE relm, I am not much into the "competitive" aspect of killing another player, I enjoy the game without having to worry about a lvl 70 comming into theneutrall zone I am questing in and killing me for the sure pleasure ruining someone else's enjoyment as what happens ALOT on PVP relms. (yes I do have several toons on PVP relms and HATED IT)

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    You won't find any major differences and you can always toggle PvP in-game by clicking on your character in the top left and going down to PvP and enable, but that is for fighting in arenas and such

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    PvP = u CAN ATTACK and CAN BE ATTACKED the oppossing faction WHENEVER + almost WHEREVER

    PvE = attack / be attacked another oppossing players is a little more difficult

    So, of course, if u want to stay in peace, choose PvE. But if u want more blood and gore :D, choose PvP

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