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What ever happens to the Jo o'meara and Danielle Lloyd of Celebrity BigBrother 5?

What ever happened to the Jo o'meara and Danielle Lloyd of Celebrity BigBrother 5?

I know that Jo claimed the show ruined her and that she was seeing a behavioral Psychologist/therapist. What is she up to now? Is there career really ruined? what about her former band mates of S club 7 did any of them spoke in her defense? Did they even comment on her behavior?

Danielle, we never heard her talk about the incident, she lost the majority of her modeling contracts, her Boyfriend dumped her publicly when she was still in the house. How did she react to all that happened to her ? Is her career completely ruined?

Jade, what is Jade up too? What happened?

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    I think Jo has gone back to Breeding Animals I dont know which Animal

    Danielle I have seen her on the front cover of the Star Newspaper, she said she was going to write a book on her experience of BB

    Jade Goody was in the Indian Verison of Big Brother Big Boss Jade Good had to leave Big Boss cause she has Cervical Cancer.

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    the 3 of them died after jo's convertable went off a cliff in hawaii

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