Why do people running for office talk about how government is the problem?

Every two years, and especially every quadrennial presidential election, you'll hear numerous wannabe pols talk about how horrible the culture of Washington is and how horrible government is, that it's the problem. Why would someone who thinks government is so awful want to be part of it? And why would someone want to be part of the problem he decries?

And voters: Why do you trust a guy who says government is the problem as he prepares to join the government?

I'd rather have a guy quote the late, great Molly Ivins when she said government is like a hammer; it can be used to build or used to destroy, and add that he'd like to use it to build.

n.b.: I use the pronoun "he" because most of the U.S. government is male.

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    Government is the problem. When there is forced taxation requiring me to work and provide for my family and then take 25% from my pay to give to someone who refuses to work. And if I refuse to pay; men in black suits with guns will kick in my doors, throw me in prison, and sell all that I have. Or how about forcing me to change my values because it upsets my neighbors who may be a homosexual. Or how about when I am told the Constitution is a living document and the 2nd amendment is archaic. How about when my children are being taught in school things which violate my religious beliefs. How about when a genocide committed in Germany with over one million Jews is viewed horrible but the genocide of our own children by abortion is viewed as a right of a woman. The list goes on like the government who sole task is to grow, take you rights, freedoms, property and life if they deem it necessary. Party politics simply determines who is able to screw the citizen.

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    Government is not the problem. At least not to politicians. They just tell us what we want to hear. Nothing more nothing less. If after getting elected they really wanted to fix the problems that average Americans know exist. It would get done. But once in place there is little to no incentive to fix it. Sure we can vote them out the next election. But the damage has already been done.

    It seems that politicians have created a perpetual motion machine that actually works.

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    You answered your own question when you said "he". Everyone kows our government is in trouble. Another answer is power. hy do people want power? So they can play God! I have no faith what so ever in our government. They don't know what they are doing and like our everyday problems, they do what they think is right and pray that it is.

    Our government use to be smart, but it is not the same America I was born into. You use to be able to go to the police with a problem, but if you try it now, they just might find a reason to throw you in jail. I just as soon stay away from everyone.

    Source(s): I have lived through more wars than I care to think about. NO ONE wins a war. EVERYONE LOOSES! A mother, brother, sister, cousin,father or friend. How is that worth a war?
  • Anonymous
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    The government is the problem, and so are the candidates who pander to the people and talk about solving the problems.

    They are long on what we need: a growing economy, a balanced budget, tax cuts, peace on earth and goodwill toward men. They just don't offer any solutions, but are great at identifying problems.

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