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"Daijoubu" how is it pronounced.?

My friend keeps insisting that it's pronounced - Dai- jou- VUUU, and not "Dai Jou Bu" and calls me a moron, and an idiot whenever i pronounce it "Dai jou bu". He is stubborn and won't agree even when I prove him wrong. So, in a last ditch effort, I am going to ask the mass public for the way YOU pronounce it.


+ he also says REAL japanese people pronounce it Daijouvu. I'm sure it's just a slight slur in the tongue, but it's still pronounced Dai Jou Bu

Update 2:

- He's claiming to be right from his stupid animes. Which **** me off.

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    You can learn a lot about Japanese pronunciation from anime, but in this case he must have heard wrong. It's "dai-jo-bu," just like it's written.

    だいじょうぶ is how you write it in Japanese, and ぶ is the hiragana character for "bu."

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    It is pronounced "dai jou BU"

    Source(s): speaker and studier of Japanese
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    it really doesn't matter,

    the way you are saying it is just fine.

    Source(s): i learned this 3 days ago at my school's japanese class lolz
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    die joe boo

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  • 1 decade ago

    dai ja vu.

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