I was wondering something about the Holocaust!?

Okay, well the thing is, since I am on my period and I read about the holocaust today, I was wondering what would happen when the women had their periods.. Were they given pads or something?

Thanks.. Im Just Curious...

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    The Holocaust wasn't a unified process across the Nazi empire. In much of Eastern Europe troops called Einsatzgruppen followed the fighting, rounding up Jews, Communist officials and other people deemed undesireable. Initially these troops used trucks where the exhaust gasses were fed into the back - killing the people inside. Soon, however, they simply marched people into clearings in the woods, made them dig holes and shot them all.

    In other places the jewish population of an area was forced into ghettos in the large towns - like Warsaw, Lodz or Lvov. These people lived lives severly restricted, but they could wear their own clothes and so sanitary arrangements would be the same as before the Nazis came.

    Later on the people in the Jewish Ghettos were segregated into economically useful people - skilled metal workers, strong youmg men - that sort of thing, and everyone else. The former were often housed in barracks in work camps - and I think that any women would use whatever they normally used - probably home-made towels.

    The latter were then taken to the camps - where they were either worked, often to death, or were killed immediately.

    I am guessing that the horrors of ghetto life - food was scarce and Nazi punishments were extreme - and the terrors of the camps meant that many women did not experience normal menstral cycles.






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    They were not given anything so they had to make due with what they had. They used old clothing and rags and washed them out. Some women were so malnutiritioned that they stopped having there periods. I know its hard to think in those terms today but thank God every day that you are one lucky young lady. No matter how hard you think life gets just remember the holocaust and the burden those young ladies had to endure. But by the grace of G|od that could have been you or me.

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    Because these women were under-nourished, i.e. starving to death, their periods ceased after a period of time. As it did for many of the women other than the Jewish, in Europe ( civilians) as they too were undernourished.

    My mother was 20 years old when WWII broke out. She told me that they used rags and washed them. She ceased to have her period a year after the war started as the food rations were poor , starvation screws up a womans hormones..

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    When your starved to death your periods stop.

    But pads weren't invented until after the second war before then women used rags that were washed then boiled after use. I know it was pretty yucky but that is why I was told by my women relations.

    Women gymnasts are on such special diets they don't have periods either.. its like no fat in the diet hardly at all.

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    No i don't think they were given pads. Their periods were probably the least of their problems.

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    My grandmother is from Germany and was there during part of world war 2. They used rags--rinsed them out and used them again. No, definately not sanitary

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    im sure all the stress the where put under they wouldnt have there period .. but if they did they wouldnt of got them .


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