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Overcoming shyness around girls?

what are some ways to help me overcome sort of extreme shyness around girls


Im only shy until they start talking to me, after that im ok. Its more breaking the ice kind of shyness i guess.

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    This is what my uncle did for me when I was about 14.

    He told me to go to the mall find a pack of girls who may look at you sitting on a bench. As soon as they look away walk right up to them and say "Hi I'm ____" They probably will say hi and maybe their names. Basically DEMAND there names and where they go to school where they live. The point of this exercise is to show you how attractive CONFIDENCE is to a female. If you fail WHO CARES try again there are WAY more females than males out there.

    When I did it I walked away with 2 numbers and one was real..

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    There's something you should know about us girls: we don't expect you to do things perfectly!

    As a girl, I don't really judge guys by the way they start things, but the way they finish them. Maybe you came up to me, got shy and left without a word. That's okay, as long as you come back and try again. You can start with a smile, that's fine too.

    When I stand there and look all expectant like "well, say something!" I'm really just impressed you made it all the way over to where I'm standing. I'm silent because I don't want to take up the talk bubble if you have something important to say like "hi."

    Keep trying. The girls are nervous too!

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    at first you are going to be shy around them but as you talk to them and have a good conversation and laugh about things you will feel comfortable with them. this will actually help you overcome the shyness that you have around them.

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    Hang out with a group of friends and invite some girls that your friends know and then just start slowly talking to them. starting off as friends usually helps and then once you get comfortable around them you'll be able to talk to other girls. as long as you always keep an approachable and look open to talk to look on your face and body actions you'll be fine. and of course, always be yourself, MINUS the shyness of course :)

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    Try to remember that girls are just as shy as you are.

    It's ok to talk to them. They are human beings just like you.

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    i dont know about you but im shy around girls 2 but when they talk to me everythings fine.try getting to know them its going to be a bit hard but later on youll never be shy around em

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    well here is one: Step up and be a man..Okay??Or you will be a looser for a while..So get your self together!!!!How old are you 6??if you want girls to notice you..gropw up..

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    just like randomly strike up a;_ylt=AjH.a...

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