some basic MGS questions.?

i was playing MGS2 and only because i feelt playing the oldes and im confused with some things.

1.when i start a new game and choose very easy, easy or medium, im a guy with white or yellow hair and called ragen and his real name is jack. i start of in a fish suit in the octagon place trying to do something to "the big shell" and on the way, their is another guy their on a mission.who?and it says that solid snake is dead.i tought he was the main character.

2.when i start a new game and choose hard or insane,im a guy that looks like the guy on the front cover.(black hair, bad guy voice)and he has a tricked out iphone and the guy that calls him has brown hair and glasses. im so confused!

and on the other MGS games who is the guy in the eye patch and in MGS4 who is that man/girl with yellow hairand looks creeapy because the trys to jump on top of you and then you have to take pictures of her/him. i think he/she is called octapus or something.

pleas help?!?!?!

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    1. there are 2 chapters in mgs2. the big shell and the tanker. in the tanker u play as snake and he supposedly dies. big shell u play as raiden. snake appears in the big shell chapt. he is not dead. the body was liquid's

    2. that is solid snake

    3. that is solid snake only his genes were designed to make him die faster and remove his ability to reproduce. he was made in the les enfants terribles project where the leader of the la li lu le lo(patriots) cloned 3 copies of big boss(a.k.a. naked snake), liquid snake, solid snake, and solidus snake(the perfect clone). play MGS3 for more info. it is a prequel to all the others.

    4.that is a boss of MGS4(best game ever). she is called laughing octopus. the photo shoot is prompted when you run around dodging her when she has shed her suit for 3-5 minutes. you enter a blank white area and if you turn on a certain song on your ipod she starts dancing. aim a camera at her and she will pose. her hugs drain you of your health. the other bosses are raging raven, crying wolf and screaming mantis. they all pose and hug you when u get them out of their suit

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    1. Hideo Kojima pretended MGS2s main character was SOlid Snake until the game was released. It was meant to manipulate and lie to the player the way the Patriots do. Solid Snake is not dead, akthough you are supposed to think that.

    2. The introduction mission is the only bit where you play as solid snake,

    3, The guy with the eyepatch is solid snake, except he has been aged rapidly.

    4. She is one of th bosses, she is called Laughing OCtopus. All the bosses are beautiful women with phsycological problems and mech suits.

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    you may want to download the metal gear database on playstation network, or xbox live. it's a good place to start. this is like asking someone to explain the storyline and characters of the bible. It can't be done in one post.

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