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How do you watch Y&R on line in Canada?

I have tried CBS website and it tells me that "This content is currently unavailable" I am in canada and I'm not sure that, that makes any difference? Is there anyone out there from Canada that is able to watch Y&R on line? I have also tried You Tube and that is not much help. Please any suggestion from Canadian viewers?


I tried the 2 sites you recommended but one you have the join and be a member and there is a membership fee and the other did not work. Thanks anyway

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    I'm from france and i can watch CBS on TVU PLAYER

    try to download this and normaly you could see Y&R

    it works for me

    there are a lot of american channel

  • Lydia
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    Yes, it's so icky that we can't access US content - very frustrating.

    I know you can get around the Canadian IP address using a proxy - I just haven't done it yet. My son uses proxies for other stuff, so I'd probably get him to give me a hand.

    However, do you ever listen on the radio to Rick's Pick's? - it's about movies and tv shows, out of Vancouver, I think. He mentioned how to do this on his radio show last week, said it works fine, and it's on his website -

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    Sorry, I experienced the same problem a couple of weeks ago when I tried.

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    I'm not from canada..............but most people say you can't watch it

    I found this link that someone else had posted and I saved.........give it a try at least (daytime soaps)

    I also watch them here, if it works for you'll need to register

    let me know if they work and if they don't......I'll keep looking for you :o)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    This is a good link for downloading TVUPlayer for free

    It's a good free solution

    Cheers ;)

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